Batman-Inspired Motorcycle Helmet

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It’s kind of hard to play dress up once you hit a certain age without it being questioned by other adults, but with Helmet Dawg’s Batman Dark as Night Helmet: Black Edition, you’re able to pretend your Batman as you zip through the streets at night pretending you’re the capped crusader. Essentially, a regular helmet with ears on it, Helmet Dawg has instead made the helmet sleek and stylish, looking pretty fierce even. Their helmets begin as lightweight, DOT-approved Thermo-Plastic Poly Alloy shells, then they’re molded into fashionable helmets. The bat ears on this one are are molded from impact-resistant plastics tensile strength rated at 2,400 psi, and will not alter the efficacy of the helmet’s protective attributes. Then the finished product is covered in quality automotive-grade paint with a protective clear coat finish. And to make sure every head size can sport this awesome Batman helmet, they come in a variety of sizes, ranging from XS to 3XL. Although you’ll have to find the rest of the bats suit on your own, Helmet Dawg has you covered with their exceptional helmet for only $325.

Batman Helmet

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