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Batman Gets His Own, Lighter-Powered Branding Iron

Have you ever found yourself thinking “Man, this wood, paper, or similar object that can accept a char could really use the Batman symbol on it, but I have no convenient way of doing that?” No? Yeah, us either. It’s probably the least asked question in human history, right there. But despite that it does, in fact, have a solution!

Hot Bat Action

The concept comes from, where else, Etsy, where user niquegeek has put together a simple-to-use Bat branding iron. You simply click it onto the Bic lighter you can find in any gas station, hit the flame, let it heat for a minute and a half or so, and then get to your property damage.

OK, So It Has Actual Use

Of course, this doesn’t just exist because somebody, somewhere, want to inflict Bat-shaped personal injury on somebody else or themselves. It also exists because you can use it for crafting purposes, which realistically is the primary purpose of tools like this. You can put Batsymbols on wood, leather, pretty much anything that can take a brand. How about some Batsteaks? Batchicken? OK, yeah, Batsteaks are better, but still, you see our point.

Batman Is Only A Flick Away


It’s true that spending $30 on an item with somewhat narrow appeal is probably not the best investment unless you’re Bruce Wayne, who probably has about a dozen of these things plus a gauntlet with one for each knuckle and heating elements behind each, just to show up the Phantom. But, if you love Batman, if you love heating things up, and you love leaving semi-permanent char marks on everything you own… this is getting to be a pretty narrow subset of people, but either way, if you like this kind of stuff, this is definitely worth investing the money. You can find it on Etsy.

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