BATMAN Backpack Movie Replica Menacing and Fully Functional (pricing & availability)

“I am Batman.” This is what I shout when I successfully seize the parking space closest to the front entrance at IKEA. “I am Batman!” This is my battle cry as I pore over the forensic evidence of raspberry jam splattered on the refrigerator door. Only a true Bat-detective could discern it was the devious and diabolic supervillain known as “The 9yr Crumb-Snatcher.” While my Bat-game is untouchable, yours could be something similar with this thing.

I give you would-be Dark Knights the Batman: Backpack. The Batman Backpack was first seen in the original Dark Knight movie with Christian Bale. It was used to snatch the stoic crime fighter from the near-rooftop of the Hong Kong Skycraper. It also makes a return appearance in the recent Dark Knight Rises. It’s an officially licensed movie replica rendered in leather. It features fully adjustable harness sections, buckles and straps colored in gold and black, as seen in the films. Plus it comes as one-size-fits-all.

The backpack may look just like the hard armored version seen in the movie. But this one is fully functional for everyday use and can actually tote a good deal of weight. All the chiseled pieces and edges are identical to the on-screen Batman backpack.

The BATMAN: Backpack is available April 30th from UDReplicas for $298.00

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