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BARTUN GPS Tracker Review

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Most of the Best GPS Tracker options available on the market aren’t exactly made for small pets. But at just 20.6 Grams, the BARTUN GPS Tracker is so light that it will even fit the tiniest puppies and kittens. That’s why it might just be considered if you are after the Best Dog GPS Tracker and the Best Cat GPS Tracker available in the market below 100 bucks. That’s precisely what we are going to look at in today’s review of a device with the potential of being the best GPS tracker for pets.

Why We Like It – BARTUN GPS Tracker

Pet GPS locators that come with SIM cards inside usually have exorbitant monthly fees that deter users from ever using them. However, the BARTUN GPS Tracker is not like the other GPS tracking devices. It provides excellent usability while charging pretty much next to nothing in terms of monthly fees.

  • IP67 waterproof
  • Real time tracking
  • Capable of fitting into almost all dog collars
  • Pretty bad after sales service, according to most customer reviews


The BARTUN GPS Pet Tracker doesn’t just use GPS satellites to keep track of your pet. This pet GPS pet tracker also uses LBS and AGPS networking systems in order to provide accurate real time location information right to the app. As far as dog tracking devices go, very few other high-end trackers (e.g., the Garmin GPS Tracker for Dogs) use this kind of system. Looking for a GPS tracker that is great for the outdoors? The Bad elf 2200 GPS pro review talks about an option that is water resistant and splash proof.


This the part where this pet GPS tracker takes a bit of a hit. The battery lasts about 24 hours after charging it fully, which is not that great. It’s really quite meager compared to Whistle GPS Pet Tracker’s 20 days of battery life, which is our top pick for the best dog GPS trackers. But these are pretty much the compromises you have to deal with once you buy a GPS pet tracker for a small pet. BARTUN has pretty much no other way to put in a bigger lithium ion battery, as that will make this tracker much heavier. At 3-5 hours (for a full charge), the charging time isn’t all that great either. But one thing that’s rather unique about this product is, surprisingly, its charging cable. It has the same kind of magnetic head connector as the ones you might’ve seen on the older Macbooks with their MagSafe chargers. This makes sure that the tracker stays safe while charging in case you topple over the charging cable.

Ease Of Use

The Future GPS app on iOS is pretty great. However, the app hasn’t seemed to be updated on the Android side for quite a while. If you are on Android 10 or newer, you won’t be able to use it properly. In that case, you should pick up the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker instead. For a GPS tracking device that can plug into the onboard diagnostics port in your car, read our Bouncie car tracker review.


The IP67 waterproofing helps it quite a lot in terms of overall longevity. And BARTUN doesn’t include a rubber collar anymore, which is excellent for dogs. Both the GPS tracker and the collar are incredibly durable.


If you get the BARTUN GPS Tracker, you are basically opting for a fantastic tracker that you only have to spend four bucks per month on in the United States. Granted, few of the top reviews are complaints about the poor customer service. But if you please try and look past that, this is pretty much as good as pet GPS trackers get below 100 bucks.

BARTUN GPS Tracker Wrap Up

So, all in all, the BARTUN GPS Tracker is fantastic in its own rights. It is weaker than a few other high-end trackers, but it pretty much makes up for that with its low monthly fee.