Bang & Olufsen’s Music Tablet Plays Songs Based on Your Mood

Bang & Olufsen have been riding their unmistakable brand for years now: Extra-high fidelity music wrapped up in leather, wood, and muted tones that look at home in the most lavish surroundings (and, typically, prices to match the style). But the latest creation announced by the sound masters focuses on a more modern musical feature – a controller music tablet called BeoSound Moment with a smart touchscreen.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Bang & Olufsen without a stylish edge, and chances are good that you’ve never seen a touchscreen like this. This music tablet is still made mostly of wood, and even the primary wheel-shaped control is made of smooth oak, which you can tap to start playing music or run your finger around to control the volume.

The other side of the BeoSound Moment is metallic and has a more interesting function: It tries to sense your mood. You see, the music tablet can access music stored in the cloud, but it does so via a touchscreen color wheel. Touch the color spectrum that most accurately reflects your mood, and the system will start picking and playing music that corresponds with the color. Red music is assumedly more upbeat, blue music is no doubt more moody and green music is…smoother? Acoustic? It will probably depend on your personal preferences, which the tablet can track.

The color wheel also lets you experiment with new music. Touch toward the center of the wheel and you get more familiar songs that are in your library or that you have played before. Touch the edge of the wheel and you get less familiar or new songs. It helps that the music tablet can connect to the big music streamers like Spotify to reach a far larger collection of songs than you have on your computer.

Understandably, this whole package is a little hard to picture, so if you are curious watch the video or stop by Bang & Olufsen’s site to learn more about BeoSound Moment and sign up to receive more information about release dates.

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