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Banana Hook Naturally Self Stick Cabinets Review

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Sticking your bananas in with other fruit is a surefire way of getting gross, over-ripen bananas. By letting them dangle, away from other fruit, you provide an opportunity for those bananas to ripen naturally. A banana hook, which is not one of the popular kitchen products, will do nicely. But in the spirit of keeping counters clear, use the best banana hook: the Banana Hook Naturally Self Stick Cabinets.

Why We Like It – Banana Hook Naturally Self stick Cabinets

Easy to install, easy on your budget, and can handle 10 lbs of bananas—this hook is ideal for those who want to hang fruit but also want to save counter space.

  • Frees up counter space
  • Hook folds for easy concealment
  • Can handle 10 lbs of bananas
  • Requires you to use screws


The Minimalist Home’s Banana Hook Naturally Self Stick Cabinets is one of the strongest banana hooks we’ve used. For such a small tool, it can handle up to 10 pounds of bananas. We aren’t sure if anyone eats that many bananas in one week—but hey, at least it’s strong. However, the YYST Organizer Stainless Heavyweight Included holds up to 17 pounds. Of course, it’s also versatile; there’s more to these hanger bananas, mugs, hand-towels, grapes—if it’s under 10 pounds and can hang, you’re good to go. To clean it, you can use the detergent in the Better life natural all purpose cleaner review.


Getting the Minimalist Home Cabinet Banana Holder installed is a very straightforward process. With screws and the adhesive included, you simply find a spot to stick the hanger hook and you’re good to go—just make sure the screws are lined up in the pre-drilled holes. What’s great is that it can be folded when not in use. While easy, the issue here is that you’ll have screwed holes in your cabinets. It’s the same issue we had with the Gadjit Banana Hook Hanger. If you love baking, you should also read the Amazon basics reusable silicone baking cups review.


The Banana Hanger Under Cabinet Hook for Bananas or Other Lightweight Kitchen Items Hook Folds up When Not in Use Self adhesive and Pre drilled Holes Keep Bananas Fresh has really good value in the right circumstances. We’d argue the Decobros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Fruit Basket offers a little more—but the Minimalist Home Banana Hook Naturally Self Stick Cabinets are perfect for a small RV where counter space is very precious, with free shipping added in. Any method you can use to reduce clutter is a must-have.

Banana Hook Naturally Self stick Cabinets Wrap Up

The Banana Hook Naturally Self Stick Cabinets is a great option for those looking to save counter space and aren’t opposed to pushing in a few screws into their cabinets. It’s strong, capable of holding 10 lbs of bananas, and when it isn’t in use you can fold it up for easy concealment.

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