Ballloon Combines All Your Cloud Storage Services into One

If you are used to up and downloading files from the cloud every day, you’re probably a little tired of switching apps for every friend or coworker. You probably also need the new Chrome extension Ballloon (three l’s mandatory) and its new cloud saving capabilities.

Ballloon has its fingers in multiple cloud storage accounts, including all the popular options like OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and of course Google Drive. Download the extension, and it will pop up as a little icon on your toolbar next to settings.

If you spot a link or a file that you want to save using Ballloon, then all you have to do is right click on it. This will automatically open Ballloon and start the download. You need to set up a default folder so that Balloon knows where to download to, but once you have that folder, you can access it from multiple cloud storage services from any device.


It also includes the traditional Chrome-friendly approach to images, which allows a save with just one quick click. If you want to see how the downloads are progressing or change anything else, click on the icon to visit settings. Until we finally get one cloud storage service to rule them all, this is a pretty quick solution compared to traditional uploading steps for most services.

The download is free and easy to add, but keep in mind a few things before rushing off to the Chrome web store. First, you need to use the Chrome browser – obvious but necessary to state – to really take advantage of the extension, which is designed particular for cloud-happy Chromebooks. Second, Ballloon is still in a beta stage and there’s still some work to be done on, so don’t be surprised if you run into a few bugs or if it doesn’t support your favorite cloud service yet (OneDrive but not iCloud?). There’s time yet for improvement.

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