Bakers Rack vs Microwave Cart

Updated: Aug 19, 2022 2:03 PM
Bakers Rack vs Microwave Cart

If you’re shopping for a microwave but aren’t sure if it will fit in your kitchen, you should consider a kitchen baker’s rack vs a microwave cart. The best microwave needs a clutter-free and well-ventilated area for safety and great food. If you’re unsure about a baker’s rack vs. a microwave cart, read our guide to find the perfect piece of kitchen furniture for your microwave and other kitchen appliances.


  • A baker’s rack is typically tall and is made to hold spices, tools, and some appliances, like microwaves.
  • A microwave cart specializes in holding your microwave and a few accessories. They are typically lightweight and portable.
  • If you want portability, go with a microwave cart. If you need a ton of storage and extra workspace, go with a baker’s rack.

Comparing Baker’s Racks and Microwave Carts

A baker’s kitchen rack and microwave cart will free up counter space and hold some cooking tools and kitchen appliances. That said, a kitchen baker’s rack and a microwave stand will accommodate different product dimensions and additional storage. In addition, just like comparing microwave drawers and built-in microwaves, both tools will free up table space. Still, a kitchen baker’s cart and a kitchen microwave stand will vary in ways that aren’t obvious.

Insider Tip

Make sure not to overload your kitchen microwave cart, so it remains mobile and lightweight.

Weight Bearing

When it comes to which piece of kitchen furniture will bear more weight, baker’s racks typically win over a microwave storage cart. Since baker’s racks have more storage shelves and are bigger in size, they are made to stay put. The microwave stand specializes in supporting microwaves and doesn’t typically have space for kitchen utensils. In addition, microwave carts are built for portability, so they need to be lighter. If you want to store multiple appliances like an air popper and a microwave, you’ll want a baker’s rack.

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Storage Space

Baker’s racks win out when it comes to storage space. For example, a good kitchen baker’s rack has enough shelves to store multiple cooking tools. In addition, a kitchen baker’s rack should have numerous drawers for kitchen utensils. On the other hand, a microwave stand will have enough space to hold the microwave and a couple of metal racks underneath. Best case, a kitchen serving bar cart will also have some utility storage for spices and some hooks for kitchen towels.


When it comes to build quality and sturdiness, it comes down to your furniture’s material and assembly. For example, while a kitchen microwave cart is typically not as strong, a poorly made kitchen baker’s rack won’t be as good as a premium microwave cart. For best results, pick a product made from natural wood or high-quality stainless steel.


Make sure to lock the wheels of your microwave stand while you’re using the microwave. Accidentally unplugging your microwave might cause electrical damage.


How to install the kitchen baker’s rack?

A quality kitchen storage shelf rack should come together quite easily as long you follow your product’s instructions. Make sure you fully tighten the shelves, so your wine bottles, mitts, or other kitchen essentials don’t overcome the weight capacity of your kitchen baker’s rack.

How tall are baker’s racks?

Most kitchen baker’s racks come up to eye level, especially models with 3-tier shelves. That said, some baker’s racks opt for wide shelves rather than something tall like 5-tier storage shelves.

What is the purpose of a metal rack in a microwave?

The metal shelves in a microwave allow you to cook multiple items at once. That said, some things work better on the lower spinning plate.

STAT: The first microwave oven that was commercially available had 1.8 meters in height and weighed 340 kilograms. It used three times as much power as today’s microwave ovens and was water-cooled. (source)

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