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For the best electric hunting bikes, we turn to the BAKCOU Mule Elite for assistance, to uncover how it sets the bar for other hunting e-bikes. For starters, having a top speed of 35mph is amazing, even more so on rough terrain thanks to its 750 mid drive motor. And we can’t forget multiple camouflage options.

Why We Like It – BAKCOU Mule Elite

The BAKCOU Mule Elite hides its 750W mid drive motor, 35mph top speed, and integrated torque sensor underneath multiple camouflage finishes of your choice.

  • 750W mid drive motor w/ integrated torque sensor
  • 35mph top speed
  • Multiple camouflage finishes available
  • Left-handed thumb throttle is a learning curve
  • Pricey

Durability & Build Quality

The frame is made of 6061 aluminum alloy. It’s a lighter build material, but still keeps it strong; in fact, it has a 300 lb. weight capacity. We loved that there were multiple camouflage options, like matte black, kuiu verde 2.0, desert tan, and more—both practical and hidden. The fat tires are exceptional at handling, though the Rungu Bike has three tires.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

With a top speed of 35mph, the BAKCOU Mule Elite Electric Hunting Bike is incredibly fast, if not the fastest on our list. What’s even more impressive is how well it handles speed even off-road. Even better, the integrated torque sensor ensures you get the right amount of performance in the moment.

Range & Battery

The electric hunting bike BAKCOU Mule Elite is short on miles—not terribly, but certainly shorter than some of our entries. At most you’ll get 40 miles on a single charge. To put that in perspective, if you were to drive max speed for an hour, the battery would be nearly dead.

Safety Features

The absolute best hunting bike needs good suspension. Having nothing makes the ride uncomfortable and not very smooth. Thankfully, the BAKCOU Mule Elite has a GT MRK air fork full suspension system, with a thumb throttle for on-demand power. However, its left-handed design is a learning curve, since most riders will be right-handed.


The BAKCOU Mule Elite has some rather unique features, like its smart, integrated torque sensor. There’s even options to upgrade to a 1000W motor, and multiple camouflage options that are missing from other electric bikes on our list. However, we still can’t overlook that the fat tire hunting bike is $4398. It’s a steep price, but not uncommon among electric bikes like the Mule Elite. For a budget option, the Juiced RipCurrent S is $2499, or Addmotor Motan for $1999.

BAKCOU Mule Elite Wrap Up

Despite a steep price and slight learning curve, the BAKCOU Mule Elite is still an amazing companion to have when you’re hunting. With a 750W Bafang motor and smart, integrated torque sensor, it’s powerful with on-demand speed of 35mph. And it’s real quiet, which pairs nicely with its multiple camouflage options.

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