BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you like to go out and have a few drinks, you know how important it is to make responsible decisions. The BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer is our leading essential car accessories that uses the latest sensor technology to get the most accurate blood alcohol results possible. It comes in a fairly compact size and is very easy to use. It came out tops on our best breathalyzer list thanks to its performance. For another useful tool to keep in your car, take a look at our Gadget Review: Griffen iTrip auto universal plus review too. Or, Toshiba’s new Breathalyzer can detect diseases.

Why We Like It – BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer

The S80 BACktrack mobile breathalyzer is trusted by law enforcement and is approved by DOT and the NHTSA. All you have to do is switch it on, breath alcohol into the mouthpiece, and you’ll get your BAC results within seconds. The fuel cell sensor allows this breathalyzer to deliver unparalleled accuracy compared to the older semiconductor sensor. And if you love always having good breath, see how the Breathometer Mint tracks bad breath as well as hydration levels.

  • Compact size
  • Accurate readings
  • Easy to use
  • The sensor will eventually need replacing
  • Can’t connect to devices
  • A bit expensive

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Most people including the NHTSA, law enforcement, and even customer reviews agree that the S80 is one of the best breathalyzer products on the market. Its main selling point is it’s the high level of accuracy that’s possible thanks to the new fuel cell technology. The BACtrack S80 takes a few seconds to warm up before you can exhale into it. You just have to let out one strong, consistent breath and the S80 will have your results displayed in seconds. If you’d prefer a tester with AAA batteries, the BACtrack Trace is a fantastic alternative. For a more compatible breathalyzer with most android/apple devices be sure to check out the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer.


BACtrack is famous for its user-friendly and durable products. The S80 comes in matte plastic with a large LCD display and two buttons. It also comes with multiple washable mouthpieces so you can share it with friends. Everything about this gadget is based on simplicity and functionality. There’s no app to worry about and you only need two buttons to make it work. Even the results come out in large and easy to read figures. For something smaller, make sure you check out the BACtrack C6 Keychain Breathalyzer.


The BACtrack S80 is a fantastic mobile breathalyzer that does exactly as advertised. It’s small enough to go anywhere with you and can take accurate BAC results in a matter of seconds. It’s used by healthcare professionals, law enforcement agents, and other organizations around the country so its pedigree is undisputed. The bottom line is that this is probably the best breathalyzer available today. It’s also probably the simplest to use. If you’d prefer a smartphone scanner, the BACtrack Mobile Smartphone Breathalyzer is the best alternative.

BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer Wrap Up

The BACtrack S80 Breathalyzer is a simple and accurate way to check your BAC levels. It’s small enough to go anywhere and can help you make life-saving decisions. The sensor will eventually need replacing, but it only costs $20. Overall, the S80 is one of the best devices in its class and well worth the money.

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