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Bactrack Keychain Breathalyzer Review

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With the rising number of accidents that have come about as a result of drunk driving, going out for a drink or fun times with your friends continues to be a risk that may end up with some very dire consequences. To help you avoid such, it might be a good idea to get the best breathalyzer, so that you’re able to stay aware of your blood alcohol level, and know exactly when you’ve had enough. The bactrack keychain breathalyzer should be able to help you do this, and retailing at only $29, it’s certainly not expensive. We’ve put together an insightful review to help you determine whether it’s one of the Best Breathalyzers to go for, so go ahead and get to the end of it to see if it’s the Best Personal Breathalyzer for you.

Why We Like It – Bactrack Keychain Breathalyzer

Available in the color black, blue, red, green and purple, the Bactrack Keychain Breathalyzer is perfect for anyone who might want to have a small, easy to carry breathalyzer, and since it’s manufactured in the united states, you can bet that it is of good build quality.

  • Small and Ultra Portable
  • Fold out mouthpiece
  • Backed by a 1 Year Warranty
  • Powered by 1 AAA battery


The Bactrack keychain breathalyzer relies on advanced microcheck sensor technology, where it’s Semiconductor Oxide sensors use a tin-oxide substance so as to come up with accurate bac results. This is a bit different from the Fuel Cell Technology that’s used by the Alcohawk Pro, but you can still rely on them both for on point readings. The bactrack keychain breathalyzer is also pretty easy to use, as it only has one button, and a red lit LCD display for easy visibility. It’s fold-out mouthpiece ensures that no ambient air gets captured, so as to keep the results clean and accurate. The BACtrack element professional breathalyzer portable review discusses a breathalyzer that is powered by a platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor.


At a weight of about 57 grams, the bactrack keychain breathalyzer is really ultra portable, so you shouldn’t have an excuse of not being able to carry it around. It’s got a keychain that you’ll easily be able to attach your keys to, and in doing so, you’ll have a reason to carry it wherever you go. It’s a lot smaller than the alcomate premium al7000, and will probably be a lot easier to move around.


To keep it as small as it is, the Keychain breathalyzer bactrack was designed to only accommodate 1 AAA battery, so if you use it pretty often, you can expect to be changing the battery quite often. There’s an aaa battery that’s included when you first purchase the breathalyzer, so you’ll be able to start using it immediately after you buy it.

Life Span

You can expect to use the Bactrack breathalyzer for a pretty long time to get accurate bac results before the sensor needs recalibration. This is why it remains a very popular choice especially among users who tend to go out drinking a lot. Unlike the bactrack s80 breathalyzer, it doesn’t really come with any mouthpieces, so you shouldn’t expect to spend any additional money once you buy it.


In case your Bactrack keychain breathalyzer doesn’t function as you’d expect it to when new, you can always reach out to the manufacturer and get a replacement since it’s backed by a one year warranty. The unit is also available in many different colors, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. For most people who like using the phone as the central interface for communication, the BACtrack mobile breathalyzer review has all the info you need on a breathalyzer that has a mobile app.

Bactrack Keychain Breathalyzer Wrap Up

If you’ve found this review helpful but still aren’t decided on whether or not the Bactrack keychain is the right pick for you, we would recommend that you look into a couple of its customer reviews on Amazon, and maybe once you do so, you just might find it worth a try.