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BACtrack Element Breathalyzer Review

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If you’re planning a night of drinking, It’s worth getting a breath alcohol tester like the BACtrack Element. This alcohol content tester uses fuel cell sensor technology to give accurate blood alcohol content bac levels. The compact size means it can go anywhere. The BACtrack Element Professional is trusted by law enforcement and made our best breathalyzer list. This makes it one of the best car accessories to have with you especially on a night out.

Why We Like It – BACtrack Element Breathalyzer

The BACtrack Element Breathalyzer uses Xtend fuel cell sensors to give blood alcohol content levels with accurate results. This breathalyzer is also very compact and compliant with DOT NHTSA, and gives police grade accurate readings.

  • Professional-grade accuracy
  • Compact Size
  • DOT and NHTSA compliant
  • Expensive
  • Can overestimate BAC results
  • Eventually loses calibration.


The BACtrack Element Professional Breathalyzer offers some of the most accurate blood alcohol tests possible, and it’s compliant with DOT and NHTSA. It’s all possible due to the Xtend fuel cell sensor technology that’s even trusted by law enforcement. All you have to do is press the start button on the BACtrack Element Breathalyzer, wait ten seconds then breathe into the breath capture mouthpiece. Your results will be displayed on the LCD screen after ten more seconds. This excellent alcohol screening device rivals the BACtrack trace breathalyzer in performance.

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The BACtrack Element is designed to be as functional as possible. It’s one of the smallest breath alcohol testers on the market and can easily fit in your pocket. It only weighs 4.4 oz with the batteries and mouthpiece and it has dimensions of 2.0 x 4.75 – 0.75 inches. It only takes two AAA batteries and has an expected battery life of around 1,000 tests. It also comes with five mouthpieces and a carry case. If you prefer something even smaller, check out the BACtrack c6 keychain breathalyzer.

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The BACtrack Element has lots fo good things going for it. The fuel cell technology ensures the most accurate blood alcohol tests possible and it trusted by DOT, the NHTSA, as well as many law enforcement agencies. It also comes in a very compact size that can fit into your pocket or in your bag. It’s easy to use and the results are shown on the LED screen in a matter of seconds. The BACtrack Element offers incredible value for money, even in areas with no free shipping. The bactrack mobile smartphone breathalyzer is a great rival.

BACtrack Element Breathalyzer Wrap Up

The BACtrack Element is a compact breathalyzer that can deliver accurate blood alcohol levels in just a few seconds. It’s compliant with DOT, NHTSA, and many law enforcement agencies. It’s easy to use and even has spare mouthpieces in case you need to test a friend. The fuel sensor will eventually need recalibrating, but it will give you many tests before that.