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From our Best Backpacks list, the May Tree clear backpack is a heavy duty clear backpack that has a unique transparent design. This transparent design is useful when going through security checkpoints since security will have a vivid idea of what’s inside your bag by just looking at it.

Why We Like It – Backpack Bookbags Durable Backpacks Transparent

The May Tree clear backpack is a heavy duty clear plastic backpack that carries the most convenient belongings. The backpack bookbags durable backpacks transparent will cut down the time you spent at security because everyone will be able to see what is inside your clear bag. Aside from transparency, these clear backpacks have padded straps for your comfort.

  • Cuts your time with security
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Not many pockets


This backpack is equipped with padded shoulder straps that help you wear it for an extended period of time without severely hurting your shoulders. if your shoulders do get tired, you have a strap on top on the backpack to carry it from there. This backpack is made to carry a small number of convenient items, it is not really made to carry items for a workday. If you prefer to find something for work, the best choice will be the Matein travel laptop backpack.


Built from premium PVC plastic, this backpack will hold all your items with no issues. It will also seal all your items in by zipper. This bag is most convenient for things like clothes, makeup, phones, wallets, and water bottles. It is the ideal backpack for a concert, but if you are going to be outdoors the North Face borealis backpack will be a better choice because it has more room for essentials.


This backpack is so affordable, you can splurge and buy enough for a couple of loved ones after you enjoy the convenience of this backpack. With the time you save from security checkpoints, you get to enjoy more of your time out on your adventures. You will always be able to locate what you need before you even unzip the backpack. This backpack is meant for day trips, but it may not be ideal for heavy duty activities. If you want to find something for the heavy duty days, a better backpack may be a Nike Hayward 2.0 backpack.

Backpack Bookbags Durable Backpacks Transparent Wrap Up

With this transparent backpack, you will be able to locate all your items quickly. Security checkpoints will be a breeze when they can see everything in your backpack without undoing your zipper. Aside from the transparency, this backpack is affordable enough to buy one for all your loved ones.

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