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Updated June 27, 2022

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Sleeping on the streets has to be a horrible experience.  We’ve never had to resort to such activity but if we did we’d probably try and make the best of it.  Perhaps the best way to look at this circumstance is to consider it an extended camping trip (our hearts and thoughts are with the homeless).  So building a shelter, carrying a can of sterno for cooking and water filter are just a few of the necessities that you’d find in our backpack.  But carrying around a full on tent isn’t a practical means of shelter in today’s urban jungle.  That’s why Tony Clark’s charity, Swag for Homeless, distributes these Backpack Beds to Australia’s homeless.

It’s made from a lightweight, fire-retardant, weatherproof, mildew-repelling UltTrex Lite fabric that covers a 6-foot 2-inch insulated foam mattress that sports a space blanket backing for added warmth.  For rainy days, or burning hot sunlight, there is a cover that can be tied up to create a shelter and it’s waterproof up to “5500+ mmH2O,” which is the equivalent of 5+ meters of water resting on it.  All of this quickly and conveniently rolls up into the included backpack, weighing a total of no more than 4KG (about 9lbs).

If you want one, you can purchase the Backpack Bed, which won the German 2011 Red Dot “Best of the Best” award, for $68 AUS on the Swag for Homeless website.  All the proceeds go to helping those without a home.


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