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Back To The Future II Hoverboard Comes To Life (video)


The best part about Back to the Future II was the Hoverboard.  While totally viable from a technological standpoint no one had bothered to produce an actual prototype, until now. Check the video and decide if it fulfills the conditions that a respectable hoverboard buyers guide sets and expects to be fulfilled.

French designer Nils Guadagnin version looks to be to spec of the movie version complete with a pink, 80s rad finish.  Unfortunately, it’s rooted in gimmick as this tech has been literally floating around in the form of floating globes and other crap memorabilia that fills the shelves of the rich.

Still though, it’s great to see such an iconic movie item brought to life, it’s just too bad he didn’t build an entire studio out of magnets for what would truly be surf-and-turf.

Video after the ‘leap’


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