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The B2C2B office chair is one of those heavy duty computer desk chairs that is made of relatively high quality PU leather material to keep you comfortable whenever you have a ton of work that you need to get done. The roughly 37 pound high back desk chair comes with an adjustable lumbar support system, heavy padding and is available in brown, dark brown and grey. It’s sturdy base is capable of supporting a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, making it a fairly heavy duty task chair. Hang around for the rest of this review to find out if this B2C2B ergonomic office chair deserves a spot on our best executive leather office chair list, and also know what to expect if at all you decide to go for it.

Why We Like It – B2C2B Leather Executive Office Chair

The B2C2B leather executive office chair is an affordable computer desk chair ergonomic in its design and sturdy in its build, that will keep you comfortable whenever you need to push through long stints of work at the office. The chair’s headrest, armrests and seat cushion is heavily padded to provide the most comfortable seating experience, and it’s 360-degree smooth casters will go across most floors without any abrasion

  • Easy to assemble
  • Uses high end leather material
  • Pneumatic gas lift
  • No massage function


The B2C2B executive office chair offers just enough back support to keep you from damaging your spine from sitting on it for long hours. The chair’s back seat emulates the S curve that’s similar to the shape of your spine, and unlike the AmazonBasics High-Back Office Chair, it comes with flip up armrests that also happen to be padded. The ergonomic office chair also comes with an integrated headrest so that when you lean back, you’ll also be able to rest your neck and relax.


The B2C2B leather executive office chair pulls all the stops to be as comfortable as you need it to be, and this is thanks to its heavy padding. The chair’s waterfall edge seat is well designed to improve the circulation of blood at the back of your legs, and this helps in preserving your energy whenever you’re in the office working long hours. Thanks to its ergonomic adjustable racing chair design, sitting on the B2C2B high back office chair feels as though you’re getting wrapped around, and this makes it almost as comfortable as the OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style SofThread Leather High Back Office Chair.


With a tilt range of 90 to 120 degrees, and a seat height that ranges between 16.1 to 20.1 inches, the B2C2B leather executive office chair offers just about enough options for adjustability as any other computer chair or task swivel chair, so it should be able to fit into your required preferences. Unlike the Serta Bonded Leather Big & Tall Executive Chair, the B2C2B high back office chair allows you to flip up its armrests so that it’s easier to push into your chair computer desk, and with an adjustable height range of between 41.7 to 45.7 inches, you’ll always be able to sit at the level that you want to.


As an ergonomic chair that’s made of leather, you can’t expect it to allow for the same amount of breathability as a mesh fabric office desk chair would have. With that said, the B2C2B high back office chair is also not as restrictive when it comes to airflow on your back. As you probably do with most office chairs, you’re going to have to keep standing up once in a while whenever you feel the chair getting a bit warmed up, and you’ll have to do this so that it cools down a little.


If the B2C2B leather office chair was placed side by side with a different, genuine leather, ergonomic computer chair that costs up to three or four more times than it, it would be a bit difficult to tell the difference between the two. That is just how well the executive office chair computer desk chair is designed. The only thing that we’re not so happy about is the fact that it’s not available in the color black. Otherwise, everything from its heavily padded seat cushion to its height adjustment range is completely OK under our watch, meaning that this is a chair that you really ought to consider buying.

B2C2B Leather Executive Office Chair Wrap Up

The B2C2B desk chair ergonomic adjustable office chair is an affordable example of what you can get if you’re shopping with a focus on value over price. If you’re not quite impressed with what we’ve mentioned here about it, then perhaps a look at the different reviews by customers who’ve bought it might help more in making your decision. Go ahead and have a look at the chair on Amazon, then see what you think.

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