Aviiq Ready Clips

So there you are.  Minding your own business when you realize that your smartphone’s battery is about to kick the bucket.  Needless to say you should have charged it last night.  And if you’re not smart enough, or perhaps in this case clairvoyant enough to realize you should have charged it the night before, then odds are you probably don’t have the associated USB cord to charge up your device, provided of course there is a charger or computer in reach.

The Aviiq Ready Clips are effectively USB cords, but unlike their standard counterparts as found in Apple’s iPhone box, these measure no more than 5.5-inches (the same size as a standard writing pen), feature a no tangle flat cord, and a clip that can attach to your pant’s or bag’s pocket that all but ensures you have the correct cord on you at all times.  It also doesn’t hurt that they look both sleek and rugged thanks to the heavy duty rubber cord coating and metal parts.

While there are three different types to choose from, you can buy them in a variety of packages ranging from $19.99 to $29.99.  Not surprisingly the 30-pin combo is the most expensive.

Christen Costa

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