Automatic Kitchen Stirrer Blender Utensil Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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While not included in the best automatic pot stirrer buying guide, this auto stirrer blender uses heat-resistant pads at the end of its stainless steel legs to mix ingredients together. With its 3 stirring speeds, it can give users more control on how they can mix their ingredients and complete their recipes. So, what makes it one of the  best kitchen appliances? Read on to learn more…

Why We Like It – Automatic Kitchen Stirrer Blender Utensil

The Automatic Kitchen Stirrer Blender Utensil Food Sauce Maker is an automatic hands free mixer that has silicone pads at the end of its legs with non stick properties. With said non stick properties, stirring thinner recipes are easier and require less effort to clean them afterwards.

  • Lightweight
  • 3 stirring speeds
  • Heat resistant
  • Requires aa batteries
  • Vibrates to stir ingredients

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Unlike the StirMATE Smart Pot Stirrer, it offers 3 stirring speeds instead of 2. However, it requires 4 aa batteries. What makes this stirrer stand out is that it vibrates to mix the ingredients together instead of rotating to stir. Only the pads at the end of its legs move rather than the component attached to the legs. This device is only suitable for thinner and smaller-portioned recipes as even at its top speed, it’s not very powerful.


It almost looks like a simplistic, bare-boned version of the Uutensil Saucepan Stirrer with stainless steel legs. Alongside the deceptively flimsy appearance, some customer reviews have warned that it can be used for thinner and lighter meals. One customer also stated that it’s decent for smaller portions and only works well enough with smaller pots. Both of these factors can be a turn off for a new customer.


While its features match its price, this is a situation that spending at least a little more money would be a better idea. More powerful kitchen tools such as the saki automatic pan stirrer are more expensive, but they can also be used for thicker soups, sauces, and more. There are better alternatives for your home kitchen, some of which are actually about the same price and have official demonstration videos on prime video.

Automatic Kitchen Stirrer Blender Utensil Wrap Up

While some top reviews recommend to try this particular verified purchase, some have later reviewed that this device works best with thinner, lighter recipes that require less effort. However, if you want to buy it, remember that it works best with smaller pots and portions to make the mixing more effective.

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