Microwave Stirring System

If you’ve ever reheated liquid (e.g. soup, coffee, etc) in the microwave then you know you must remove it half way through reheating, stir and then restart the process in order to achieve an evenly distributed temperature. Otherwise, you might end up with hot spots and burn the bejesus out of your tongue and mouth. If you’re planning to buy a new microwave, check out what we consider to be the best convection microwave and How We Choose the Best Microwave with excellent reheating capabilities.

The Microwave mixer is an ultra simple device that suction cups to the top of nuke box and while the rotating platter spins it stirs the liquid.  It probably lacks the same effect as sticking a spoon in and stirring since it remains in the center, but it’s better than not.

The apparatus is dish washer safe, includes two heads and an adjustable-height shaft for $19.99.


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