With Audi’s Traffic Light Assist, You’ll Hit Every Green Light


Audi’s been hard at work testing new in-car technology in Ingolstadt and Berlin in Germany, as well as in Verona, Italy, and at last week’s CES, they showed off their Traffic Light Assist that promises to help drivers make every green light while driving. So here’s on it works – the system uses live and predictive data that’s beamed into the car’s navigation unit via onboard Wi-Fi, so it doesn’t need a camera to alert you of a light change. It takes local data that provides info about traffic light patterns and the in-car system then uses that data and the motion of the vehicle to predict how long it’ll take for the green light to turn red.

The system shows a traffic light icon on the dash with a countdown timer that tells drivers the how long it’ll be before the light changes from green to red. It can also correct for changing lanes and resultant changing lanes, i.e. changing from a straight-through traffic lane to a left-lane turn signal. Also, the start/stop system is integrated into the software so it will restart the engine with a few seconds to go before the light changes to green so you’ll be on your way in no time. Audi showed off a trial run of the system in an A6 sedan out in Vegas. Although still in beta form, getting it into cars wouldn’t be hard; the real problem is getting proper streams of traffic signal data from cities all over the globe.

audi traffic light assist

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