Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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When you’re short on cash and can’t afford the Best TV Antenna, you can also backpedal to an affordable option. The Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna isn’t exactly the Best Rabbit Ear Antenna, but it takes a fair shot. It has the potential to reach channels from 40 miles away, and it’s easy on your energy bill.

Why We Like It – Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna

Small but effective, the Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna boasts a 40-mile reception range. Once installed, it has the potential to pick up dozens of local channels, for just the price of the unit itself.

  • Potential 40-mile range
  • Energy Star certified
  • Low price
  • Short coax cable
  • Cheaply made


Together with long bunny ears and a good position, the Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna can get decent reception. It picks up both UHF and VHF signals, and supports up to 1080i broadcasts, as does the Philips SDV7114A. However, it isn’t particularly powerful; in fact, you should get a longer coax cable so you can move the ANT111E closer to, say, the window or mount it to the wall.

Ease of Install

Like any other HDTV antenna, the RCA Rabbit Ears Indoor Antenna is simple and easy to get connected. It’s capturing signals that can be a pain. All you do is connect the coax cable to your TV and you’re good to go.


What did you expect? The Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna isn’t winning any durability awards, but it is small and compact. You can place it just about anywhere without taking up a lot of real estate, and it has a weighted base with no-scuff pads to protect your furniture.


While the RCA ANT111E Indoor Digital TV Antenna Non Amplified Unit can pick up digital channels from 40 miles away, there’s usually some kind of interference around. When you consider that, it’s effective range is about 30 to 35 miles, which is right in line with the Fosmon HDTV Antenna. A high performing amplifier such as GE Indoor TV Antenna can help to push this range to even 60 miles.


Depending on your area, you can get a fair number of TV shows for free, but that’s with any TV antenna. Considering that, the Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna is worth the price of admission, despite its basic functionality. And you save a bit on your energy bill due to its Energy Star certification. If you want something a little more reliable, the Philips SDV8201B is $2 more.

Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna Wrap Up

Small but effective, the Audiovox RCA ANT111E TV Antenna is as basic as you can get before it becomes a detriment to your experience. Any cheaper and you might as well seek out other options. It has the potential for a 40-mile reception range, but you have to cultivate your environment for that to work.

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