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Audi Wörthersee e-Bike Prototype

Audi’s Wörtherse e-bike concept will debut at next week’s Wörthersee Tour car show, which is the location of a sizeable Volkswagen-Audi culture show held every year in the region of this Austrian town. The new performance e-bike prototype features a variety of futuristic elements. It has a carbon fiber frame that houses an onboard computer, Li-ion battery pack that can power the prototype and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) wheels. Audi’s included five travel modes that range from pedal-power to electric-only and two “Wheelie” modes where power is automatically controlled to assist the rider while the front wheel pops a wheelie. The onboard computer touchscreen display is located within the top bar of the frame and is where user can select riding modes, record trick sequences and adjust operation functions. It also shows speed, distance, battery level, energy consumption and slope angle. You can also use a WLAN-linked smartphone to control its functions since there’s an antenna is integrated into the front brake line. The Elby 9-Speed E-Bike, with a top speed of 20 mph and a 500 W motor, offers a very interesting contrast to this 9-speed vehicle which claims a top speed of 50 mph.

The lightweight carbon-frame, 26-inch CFRP rims with large-area blade-pattern spokes and a CFRP swing arm for the rear wheel all combine to make the make weigh 46.3 pounds, which includes the swappable in-frame 48V/530Wh Li-ion battery pack Charge time is reported to be 2.5 hours from a 230V mains supply. Its permanent magnet synchronous motor has a peak output of 2.3 kW and has been placed at the lowest point on the frame and drives the bottom bracket shaft directly. The e-bike’s nine-speed hydraulically actuated gear shift is reported to have a similarly fast sequential action to the R-tronic transmission that’s in an R8. The bike is said to achieve a top speed of up to 50 mph with a range of between 31-44 miles per charge. In electric-only mode with a twistgrip controlling the power output, the top speed is 31 mph.

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