Audeze EL-8 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphone Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Learn about the Key Factors To Consider when buying headphones and you will always get a great pair. It’s likely that those who are serious about audio quality recognize Audeze as a key player in the HiFi industry. Historically, Audeze has focused on full-size high-end (and expensive) headphones, boasting top-notch planar magnetic drivers. But lately, it has been gradually expanding into more affordable and portable options. Not too long ago, we reviewed the company’s first on-ear headphone, the SINE, and were thoroughly impressed. Compare this to our Sony MDR Premium Headphones review to find the best over-ear headphone for you.

But Audeze isn’t done in the over-ear field. It’s expanding its full planar magnetic technology to lower-costing and streamlined over-ear designs. The EL-8 series heads this effort, and we have the open-back variant to review for you guys today. Let’s find out if the right balance is hit in our Audeze EL-8 open-Back over-ear headphone review.

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Price: $699 on Amazon
Available: May 2016
Model: Audeze EL-8 Open-Back

Summary: The EL-8 may fool you into thinking this is just another well-made over-ear headphone, but this is Audeze that we’re talking about. There is top-notch planar magnetic driver technology packed in those open-back ear cups. That said, despite a streamlined design, the EL-8 is still girthy and costs a pretty penny. If these are too far out of your price range, take a look at our V-MODA Crossfade M-80 review instead.

What We Liked

  • Sophisticated design and premium build
  • Exceptional comfort and fit
  • Stellar audio detail and accuracy
  • Optional cable with Apple lightning connection and custom in-line DAC

What We Didn’t

  • Not a portable size and doesn’t fold
  • Proprietary cable ear cup connection
  • Sound could be airier and soundstage more expansive
  • Expensive

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Audeze EL-8 Open-Back Specs

Frequency Range10 – 50,000 kHz
Impedance30 ohms
TypeOver-ear, open-back
Driver100 mm, planar magnetic
Weight460 grams
Cable Length6.56 feet
Inline RemoteApple-compatible version via lightning port connection or just standard cable (no remote/mic)
Carrying Casered-x-icon
Removable Cablegreen-check-mark
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Size-wise, the EL-8 Open-Back aren’t a huge departure from Audeze’s top-end LCD series. They’re still meaty for an over-ear, and at a weight of 460g, these aren’t going to be a pair of headphones you take out and about (then again, the sound leak of open-back ear cups is less than ideal for public use). So they may not be the best over-ear headphones for working out, especially with their bulky size. Rather, the purpose of the EL-8 is to refine, streamline, and beautify what a full-sized open-back headphone can be. Audeze is betting that not every audiophile puts great value on sound and little on ergonomics and function.

Audeze EL-8 headphones
While the EL-8 isn’t by no means a small headphone, it is compact for a full-size open-back.

While the design is unique, it still maintains the simplicity and effortlessness that Audeze devices are known for. The company’s sophisticated craftsmanship probably shines through the most in the EL-8, as we have metal construction with an elegantly smooth finish that curves about from every angle. The dominant matte, black finish gives it a stealthy appeal, while the wood panels around the ear cups add a graceful touch. Mind you, this is a similar styling that’s seen in the flagship LCD series (as well as the speaker grill openings on the ear cups, which make an “A” shape), but the EL-8 takes aesthetics and build to another level. However, in our review of the Ferrari by Logic3 Scuderia P200 classic black over-ear headphones have a similar look, but they’re also quite bulky.

Thankfully, when you have the EL-8 in your hands, that sentiment is still true. These headphones are as solid as they come. Much like the Beats studio wireless over-ear headphones and Beats by Dre Remastered studio over-ear headphones, every part of the EL-8 feels sturdily put together, and the thick metal members give off a substantial-ness that justifies its considerable price tag.

The cushioning is also done well. At the top, you’ll find a strip of the leather-wrapped cushion where your head contacts the headband. Cleverly, it’s elastically attached on either side, leaving a gap between the very top of the slim metal headband in order to absorb some of the pressure. Remember that this is a weighty headphone, so we’re glad that Audeze has engineered an efficient solution for comfort. This also goes for the sizable ear pads, also leather-wrapped and thick.

On the bottom, you’ll notice that the EL-8 features a detachable cable, and each ear cup gets its own connection. This is always nice to have, as you can switch to another cable preference or replace it if it fails. The included stock cable is of the flat, rubbery style, has a considerate length of 6.5′, and feels as sturdy as the rest (albeit, a bit on the stiff side).

Audeze EL-8 headphones
The detachable cable jacks have a flat connection, and are labeled “L” and “R”. While our unit has a standard 3.5mm audio jack, Audeze offers a lightning-compatible variant with a custom in-line DAC to use with an Apple device.


Going back to what we touched on before, the EL-8 is not really a portable headphone. It’s full-sized, weighty, and doesn’t fold. But then again, this is an open-back headphone, so it’s meant to be used in a quiet and isolated environment. Sound will leak in and out, so buyers need to understand the use case – in which you’re trading sound isolation for quality. Open-back headphones produce superior sound staging and airiness relative to the more typical closed-back types.

Fortunately, despite the considerable weight, Audeze has the appropriate mechanisms in place to make the EL-8 as comfortable as any. The fit of the meaty ear pads helps a lot in that regard. They feel like big pillows around your head, providing substantial support and engulfing your ears completely. The seal is actually so well done that you can feel a pressure shift when you do take them off. That may bother some people, but rest assured that sound leaking from the wrong areas is minimized.

Audeze EL-8 headphones
Audeze also pays close attention to detail in regard to ergonomics. The EL-8 have an angled shape that satisfyingly conform to the head.

The top supple head cushion is also a great solution to alleviate a troublesome pain point (figuratively and literally) in a lot of headphones, where the weight causes a pressure ache at the top of the head. The EL-8 remains comfy in lengthy listening sessions.


It’s a given that the sound out of the EL-8 is exemplary. Typically when we’re talking about headphones in this price range, it is intricacies that are discrepant on sound quality. In that respect, let’s talk about where the EL-8 excels and areas that may be contentious for some of the high-quality-tuned ears out there.

Audeze EL-8 headphones
The impedance of the EL-8 is only 30 ohms, so it’s easily driven by mobile devices.

First, Audeze’s planar magnetic driver reproduction excellence is definitely present. This means that the EL-8 also achieves that unrivaled clarity, detail, and quickness that the technology is known for. That fact appears to effortlessly carry about the insanely wide frequency range: 10 Hz – 50 kHz. What I particularly feel puts the response a large step above the rest is the brilliant treble, in which you can hear minuscule details and sparkle unachieved by most.

That prowess carries over onto the mid-range, seamlessly. As you go down the frequency range, you get a sense of objectivity. The EL-8 is very precise and clinical in its production. That’s a great thing in regard to the trueness of music, but it is that some listeners don’t get enough fulfillment from a “reference” sound. You should expect a spectrum that focuses on phenomenal balance rather than one that gives off indulgent oomph. For instance, the bass is more about definition and accuracy, which bassheads could interpret as flat.

The benefit of open-back design also shows in the soundstage. The EL-8 is certainly more open-sounding than closed-back headphones, but with that said, it’s not as wide as it could be. We imagine that Audeze wouldn’t supply the EL-8 series with all the tricks that the higher costing LCD series is given. That goes for imaging as well. We have heard a larger 3D sound space in other full-sized open-back headphones. In our opinion, that puts the EL-8 in a weird spot, because it doesn’t quite reach the open sound level that many enthusiasts may expect. It’s in between really good closed-back and top-notch open-back headphones, but then again, that sounds like it was the idea.

Final Thoughts

We were thoroughly impressed with the EL-8 Open-Back headphones, however, we better be for a $700 asking price. In regard to design and build, we certainly feel like the pricing is justified. Just bear in mind that Audeze reserved a bit of the audio excellence for its top-end LCD series, which makes sense. The planar magnetic drivers still deliver the exceptional detail that’d you’d expect, but open-backs can be more expansive sounding. All-in-all, these are outstandingly solid, unique, and well-rounded over-ear headphones.

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