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With the ability to withstand 350 pounds of force, and an impact rating ranging from -20℉ to 120℉, the Attwood 9067 Power Vented Battery Pack is the most rugged and durable battery pack we’ve seen. Now if it can only house batteries bigger or smaller than group size 27, we’d be in business. For more great battery boxes, check out our best battery box list!

Why We Like It – Attwood 9067 1 Power Vented Battery

The Attwood 9067 Power Vented Battery Box new larger capacity means you can store bigger and more batteries for cheap, just $16.00 over on Amazon. It meets ABYC E and USCG specifications so you know you’ll be getting a product that can withstand some battery acid spillage. And the mounting hardware is just a cool, added bonus!

  • Straps withstand 350 pounds of force
  • Fits group size 27 batteries
  • Completely acid resistant
  • No external battery access
  • Fits only group size 27 series batteries
  • Warranty not immediately posted


The Attwood 9067 Power Vented Battery Pack comes with strap mounting hardware for easy attachment to your camper or whatever you’d like to attach it to. The straps can withstand 350 pounds of force so you can forget about them breaking easily. Like the MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center, the Attwood also has an impact rating of -20℉, but can also withstand a maximum of 120℉. Unfortunately though, there is no external access to the batteries, so the Minn Kota does have it beat in that regard.


The Attwood 9067 now has a larger capacity size. The vented black battery box fits group size 27 batteries with a 10 ½” maximum height allowing for some extra space. Unfortunately, the Attwood fits only group size 27 batteries, and storing smaller batteries isn’t recommended because of an improper fit which will cause the batteries to flail about. Consider the NOCO HM318BKS Snap Top Automotive Batteries if you need to store some larger batteries. The Attwood does feature larger handles with rolled edges for comfortable carrying, which is nice.


Attwood Power Guard Battery Boxes meet ABYC standard E and U.S Coast Guard Specification (USCG) 183.420 as an original equipment manufacturer installed battery hold down system. This means you can trust the advertisements when they say the box offers total acid resistance in case of accidental battery-acid spilling. The Camco Regular 55362 Battery Box Group also has these certifications, so check that one out too when you get the chance. Attwood’s warranty policy isn’t immediately available, and you must contact customer service in order to get it, which is a little annoying.

Attwood 9067 1 Power Vented Battery Wrap Up

The Attwood 9067 Power Vented Battery Box is a rugged, well-built, heavy-duty battery pack capable of withstanding almost everything you or nature, or the batteries, throw at it. It’s a little concerning that the warranty isn’t immediately posted, but a quick email should rectify that situation. And if they could make it fit all manner of battery sizes then Attwood would truly be in business.

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