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Live TV streaming services are becoming more popular, which is why AT&T TV NOW is climbing the ranks to contend with the best streaming services available. If you’re interested in on demand content with live TV streaming, this may just be your best bet.

Why We Like It – AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW comes from a company that knows cable TV and live TV well. Now, it’s brought its TV service to streaming with on demand content. Cord cutters rejoice!

  • Option to stream TV live and on demand
  • Access to a lot of premium channels
  • Cloud DVR storage of up to 500 hours
  • Similar pricing to cable TV


Unless you’re against having a streaming service with a huge channel lineup, then you’ll probably love how AT&T now measures up. You’ll have access to local channels, regional sports, professional live sports, and much more.

The sports coverage is great, with access to major sports channels like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, ESPN, Univision Deportes Network, and more (If you like Univision Deportes there’s also the Spanish language Fox Deportes sports network available).

In addition to the long list of sports networks, you’ll definitely need a TV guide for the other on demand content and live channels. From Disney Channel to Fox News; from ABC and CBS to the Hallmark Channel — there’s truly something for everyone.

With the quality and breadth of content, AT&T NOW performs just as well if not better than even the best satellite TV.


The point of AT&T TV NOW is to make a cable-like service function like modern day streaming services. It definitely fulfills that task with its design. First, it makes itself available through pretty much every method you may want to watch it on. Whether it’s on your smart TV or through streaming devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, or even your mobile device, you can watch TV from there. (Or, even better, use it on multiple smart TVs and devices in your home!)

Even better, AT&T TV NOW packages include cloud DVR storage. DVR Storage, of course, is great for recording your favorite TV shows and watching them anytime, anywhere. It’s a smart design that makes its live TV streaming service more flexible.


AT&T TV NOW offers a lot of great value to new customers. When you sign up, you’re awarded a 30-day free trial to both HBO Max and Showtime. That’s one of the best TV offers around as a lot of free trials only run for seven days. After that, though, you need to pay for the AT&T NOW MAX package in order to keep HBO Max. The MAX plan will run you $80 per month, whereas the base plan — labeled the Plus package — is $55 a month. The Plus plan does offer over 60 channels (including access to premium channels) and more sports coverage and the base package offers around 45 channels.

Aside from those packages, you can opt for a la carte add ons to channels including Starz, Cinemax, Epix, and more. Depending on what channels you want access to, AT&T could offer a better value than competitors Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, and YouTube TV do.


TV streaming services keep adding more and more features to appeal to the modern day viewer. Hulu streaming service added Hulu Live to entice viewers from the set top to the streaming platform. Amazon Prime Video streaming service has added some live sports as well. (The only major one that hasn’t is Netflix streaming service). AT&T TV NOW, though, has brought a tough competitor to the market with access to plenty of channels and lots of live sports.

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