AT&T Offers New DIRECTV Services with its Wireless Plans

If you’ve been paying attention to the big M&A news, you probably know that AT&T has acquired DIRECTV (see our DIRECTV vs DISH review). What the telecom company has in store for the TV provider is not as clear….but we have a much better idea now thanks to AT&T’s new plans.

The newest AT&T bundles shows a combination of phone and TV plans that…well, that look exactly how you would imagine a combination of AT&T and DIRECTV to look. The primary promotion is a service that offers wireless service and TV for up to four receivers in your home, via either DIRECTV or U-Verse (AT&T’s own content service). The wireless side of the plan includes four phone lines with 10GB of shared data per months.

This costs $200 per month for the first year, which sounds like a lot but is actually quite a bit less than you would have had to pay for the services separately. You have to sign up for at least a year-long contract and sign up between August 10th and November 14th to take advantage of the deal.

That’s the big discount, but AT&T is also offering other service combos that allow you to pick between DIRECTV and U-Verse. It’s pretty normal fare for a provider acquisition – AT&T seems to just be offering DIRECTV services in its packages as an alternative, with a notable deal to help attract DIRECTV customers and others. AT&T is far from the only provider to offer bundles of Internet, phone and TV from the same source, but it is the only game in town offering wireless plans with TV. Also, if you are an AT&T customer you could benefit from new access to DIRECTV if you don’t like U-Verse.

There’s another benefit too, this one for DIRECTV fans who want a bit more mobile access. AT&T is allowing customers to view DIRECTV through its own apps, so there’s no need to switch back and forth between apps to get exactly what content you are looking for. However, no provider can make a big move like this without the others paying close attention: Now that AT&T is offering these plans, look for competitors to answer with similar deals of their own.

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