AT&T Offers a Free iPhone to DirecTV Subscribers…Sort Of

AT&T is trying to get even more DIRECTV customers, this time with a unique and highly targeted offer that gives subscribers a free iPhone 6s and additional iPhone deals. We’ve been covering the ongoing battle of DIRECT vs. DISH in 2016, and this new tactic is an interesting move into the hardware world. After all, you aren’t just getting new content – you’re getting a brand new device right in your hands…sort of.

As you can expect with telecom services, not everything is as it seems. First, the deal appears to be highly limited in scope. It’s only taking place in what seems like the Midwest and some Eastern states (AT&T’s description is purposefully vague). Second, and we hate to break it to interested AT&T customers, but you aren’t really getting a free iPhone 6s. Yes, we know that’s literally what the deal says, but once, again, we’re dealing with telecom companies here.

AT&T Deal
A free iPhone? Not really – you have to seriously invest in DIRECTV.

Here’s how it works: First, you sign up for DIRECTV for the first time – the deal doesn’t seem to be available to current customers. Second, you buy a 16GB iPhone 6s. Yes, that’s right, you have to buy the phone yourself, and you can only get the 16GB model. Then AT&T will refund the money to you via 30 monthly credits for DIRECTV. See the catch? To get your iPhone, you have to get your money’s worth out of DIRECTV for at least two and a half years…at which time you’ll probably need to replace your iPhone anyway.

There is a bit more to the deal, however. If you want to buy an iPhone 6s for everyone in the family, you do get 50% off following iPhone purchases, as long as you’ve completed the first deal. A little math will tell you this is actually by far the better half of the deal, especially if there are a few phones you’d like to upgrade to a new iPhone model.

It’s the latest in AT&T’s push to get more people to subscribe to DIRECTV…although it’s weird that the campaigns have nothing to do with, you know, DIRECTV itself. So far it’s all been extra data, credits, guaranteed pricing, and ancillary services that show AT&T is far more interested in bundling services that selling DIRECTV content. AT&T customers will keep voting with their wallets – do you think this latest deal is enough to make DIRECTV worthwhile?

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  1. I would Like to Hear from people that signed up for the AT & T and Direct TV Package Deal.Is it a Rip Of or is it a Good Deal and No Hidden Fees or Charges ?

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