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Let’s take a look and compare AT&T’s recently launched “Next” phone upgrade option with Verizon’s upcoming “Edge” plan, scheduled to launch August 25. Both plans are geared towards gadget fanatics who want to get the newest technology as soon as released. Both companies also follow the lead of competing wireless service T-Mobile, who, in April starting allowing upgrades of phones every 6 months after the first 6 months of enrollment. A large distinction, however, between T-Mobile and that of AT&T and Verizon is that T-Mobile upgrades may require a down payment. A comparison of all three wireless carriers is on the way. But first, let’s compare Next and Edge. It also might be a good time to read Best Cell Phone Insurance Plans.

AT&T Next launched on July 26, 2013. The plan allows you to enter into a 20-month agreement to purchase a phone or tablet which must include a wireless data and voice service agreement. There is no down payment required, nor are there any activation fees or finance charges. However, qualified individuals will need to pay the first month’s installment for the device on top of whatever service plan is chosen and sales tax. After 12 months, customers in good standing can upgrade the phone or tablet with no fees or penalties applied. Customers can also continue to make the remaining 8 months of payments until the phone is paid off, at which time the customer owns the phone.

Verizon’s Edge plan, though not officially launched until August 25 so details are subject to change, will essentially offer the same type of agreement except spread out over 24 months. The plan will not require any down payment, upgrade fees, finance charges, or plan fees (no more $2 nickel and diming you might say). At 12 months, or when 50% of the installments are paid after the first 6 months, the Verizon Edge plan will let you upgrade your phone to a new one.

What’s probably most appealing to those of us who have felt trapped in a long-term service contract agreements is that neither AT&T nor Verizon (following the lead of T-Mobile Jump) require service contracts. You are, however, entering into a long-term contract to purchase the device you choose. If you decide to cancel the wireless service with either carrier you are still obligated to pay off the balance of the phone. There’s the trap, if you wanted to know.

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Here’s a breakdown of major distinctions:

AT&T Next
AT&T Next vs Verizon Edge
Verizon Edge
AT&T Next vs Verizon Edge
Upgrades 12 Months After 6 months or 50% paid
Down Payments No No
Upgrade Charges No No
Finance Charges No No
Acitvation Fee No Yes
Plan Fee No No
Finance Minumum No No
Service Contracts No No
Unlimited Data Plans Applicable Yes No
Number of Payments 20 Months 24 Months


Upgrade Timing

AT&T’s Next plan will allow you to upgrade your phone or tablet every 12 months (on a 20-month agreement). Verizon’s Edge plan lets you get a new phone or tablet every 12 months (on a 24-month agreement) or when 50% of the device is paid off.

Winner: Verizon

Down payments

Neither Edge or Next require down payments on the device. However, the first month’s installment with any sales tax will be due upon sign-up.

Winner: Tie

Upgrade Fees & Finance Charges

Neither Edge nor Next charge upgrade fees, finance charges, or fees to be in plan.

Winner: Tie

Activation Fee

AT&T Edge does not charge an activation fee. Verizon currently charges a $35 activation fee per line.

Winner: AT&T

Finance minimum

An AT&T service representative told us any phone would be eligible to be financed with the exception of prepaid GoPhones. With Verizon, sources first indicated there would be a finance minimum of $349 for a new phone or tablet. However, a Verizon representative told Gadget Review there would be no minimum.

Winner: Tie

Service Contract

Both companies have removed the requirement of a long term service contract and instead offer month-to-month service. However, you still have a contract the pay off the phone.

Winner: Tie

Unlimited Data Plans

AT&T will let you keep your existing plan, even if Unlimited Data. Verizon Edge will not be available for customers with Unlimited data plans.

Winner: AT&T


Both plans are available for new customers and existing customers eligible for the upgrade. Verizon Edge customers will need to be on Share Everything plans.

Winner: Tie

Monthly Payment Amount

Because AT&T Next will spread out payments on a device over 20 months rather than Verizon Edge over 24 months, you can expect to pay a little bit more per month with AT&T. If your intention is keeping monthly costs as low as possible, Verizon would be the winner in this category.

Winner: Verizon

AT&T Next vs Verizon Edge Score Chart

Winner Why
Upgrade Wait Time Verizon Edge Because with Verizon’s Next you can actually get an upgrade after being 6 months in the plan if you’ve paid 50% of the total price of the phone.
Down Payments Tie Neither carrier requires a down payment, only the first installment and any sales tax.
Upgrade Fees Tie Neither carrier charges upgrade fees.
Finance Charges Tie Neither carrier applies finance charges.
Activation Feed AT&T Next Verizon will charge a $35 activation fee per line.
Plan Fee Tie Neither carrier charges a fee to be in the upgrade plan.
Finance Minimum Tie Verizon said there will be no minimum finance amount for new phones (thus negating $349 min. previously reported). AT&T will finance most phones except for prepaid GoPhones.
Unlimited Data Plan AT&T Next According to sources, Verizon Edge will not be eligible with Unlimited Data plans.
Monthly Payments Verizon Edge TBD
Overall Winner Tie 8-8

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  1. so many things are wrong with this article. 1. You only pay the taxes the day you get the phone, no first installment. 2. It is in 20 payments but the entire coast is not divided into exactly 20 payments, so your cost is off. for example: Galaxy s4 is 589 or 26 a month on NEXT =520. (12×$26 next payment=312 or 199 + taxes + 36 upgrade fee= 252) so, $60 difference to upgrade after a year = worth it! Not to mention that if you want to upgrade early on a regular 2 year agreement you pay a 250 early upgrade fee. If you add that into the math it is a no brainer!!!! 312 vs 502

    1. 312 vs 502? what about with 502 you can keep your phone and resell it for at least 400 so you win 210 with this way (502-400=102). another trap with edge/next is if you accidentally damaged a phone. BAM! no upgrade, you’re just paying off full price.

  2. Now that Verizon Edge has launched, we can confirm tablets are not eligible for the upgrade plan, as previously thought. From Verizon’s website:

    “All Verizon Wireless smartphones and basic phones are eligible for Verizon Edge. Other devices, such as tablets and mobile hotspots, aren’t eligible at this time.”

  3. I’ve had Verizon for many, many years and They only let me upgrade every 20 months. What is all this 6 month stuff?

    1. Hey Brian,
      Take a closer look at the article for starters. But in short, many carriers are now letting consumers upgrade early, but it’s not as simple as just signing a new contract.

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