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If you want to hit the slopes and you’re not sure which skis to take, the Atomic Vantage 97 TI is a fantastic choice. This set comes in a wide range of sizes and they’ve reduced the waist width from the previous model. It also offers fantastic stability and responsiveness in most scenarios. The Atomic Vantage can rival anything on our best skis list because of its quality.

Why We Like It – Atomic Vantage 97 TI

The Atomic Vantage is an all-mountain ski that can be used in a variety of snow conditions. It’s made from a power woodcore, and features Titanium tank mesh and an energy backbone. These skis are ideal for intermediate and advanced expert users.

  • Great build quality
  • Versatile
  • Very fast
  • Expensive
  • Not for beginners
  • Wide turn radius


These skis excel in the performance category and offer excellent stability and edge hold. You can trust these skis to keep you moving whether on-piste or off, and they are very responsive. Another area where the Atomic Vantage stands out is in the carving department. It’s easy to get an edge grip, even at higher speeds, and on an assortment of terrain. With these skis, you know you can tackle nearly any slope confidently. Another high-performance rival is the Elan Amphibio 84Ti.


The Atomic Vantage TI is well-designed using a mixture of old and new technology. It has a traditional power woodcore with a Titanium Tank mesh layer for strength and stiffness and the energy backbone for added reinforcement. It also has added Prolite reinforcements in key areas. These skis come sizes ranging from 172 to 188 cm length and a waist width of 97 cm. They also have an all-mountain rocker. If you’re looking for other well-designed skis, check out the Rossignol Experience 88.


The Atomic Vantage 97 TI perfect for intermediate to advanced users because of how fast and aggressive they can be. It’s designed as an all-mountain ski and can easily handle a wide range of terrain. Stability and responsiveness are other strong points that make the Atomic Vantage special. Although they are quite expensive, the price is worth it because of the fantastic build quality and performance. These skis are a top of the range product and offer brilliant value for money, just like the K2 Pinnacle 95.

Atomic Vantage 97 TI Wrap Up

The Atomic Vantage 97 TI is well-made, using a combination of traditional and cutting edge materials. It’s very strong and can handle anything you can throw at it including hard and soft snow. They are quite expensive, but the best is always expensive. Overall, the Atomic Vantage is one of the best in its class and worth a look.

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