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Updated June 27, 2022
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Atlanta is a show about up and coming rappers trying to make it in music. While our main protagonists are focused on making it, they have to deal with the drama from their city that often racially profiles them or keeps them close to death. This is a great series to get into to catch a glimpse into the perspective of black lives in America. Atlanta made our Best Shows On Hulu with other great series like The Handmaid’s Tale. In fact, it continues to receive rave reviews compared to most shows available on the best streaming services.

Why We Like It – Atlanta Review

Atlanta is a show about rappers out on the grind trying to make it big. In the beginning, Earnest is trying to become a manager for Paper Boy, a local artist. This is a great series because aside from showing the struggle from up and coming rappers, it features a good message that one should keep pursuing their dreams.

  • Scene transitions feature great music
  • Features great artists from Atlanta
  • Feels like stereotypical characters were used

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Donald Glover stars as the good guy from the bunch, Earnest Marks also known as Earns. Brian Tyree Henry stars as Alfred Miles, the closest rapper to blowing up. Lakeith Stanfield also stars as Darius Epps, a friend, and trapper. The show features some of today’s biggest artists like Offset, who plays a drug dealer. With so much on the line for our protagonists, there are going to be some great musical performances occurring in the show. After catching up on all the adventures in Atlanta, switch it up with the true crime story about a mother and daughter in The Act.


The series reveals the unjust reality that most black people go through in America. From the abuse of the mentally ill to the poorly funded jails, this show highlights these faults and shows them beautifully. Our protagonists at one point go from hanging out outside a convenience store to getting thrown in jail even if there are no clear charges. It is important to see these things because it is most definitely real, and demands immediate change. If you would like to see something as so serious, but funny, your next series to binge should be Bob’s Burgers.


This is a great show to binge on due to the intense environment depicted in Atlanta. One moment the crew is celebrating their first radio hit, the next moment their car gets smashed by strangers. This constantly changing environment makes for great TV. In addition, the scenes are decorated with the sounds of the latest and greatest rappers and artists. Finally, any series featuring the amazing writing and acting of Donald Glover is sure to be a winner.

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Atlanta Review Wrap Up

Atlanta peers into the life of African Americans living through the unjust system, and trying their absolute best to get through it with their art and a little bit of trapping as well. This series revolves around the idea of coming up in the world, and everyone can take away a little knowledge and a little more empathy from seeing these protagonists go for the gold.

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