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Sometimes, simplicity is one of the better options to solve a problem. Plenty of monitors are readily available for the nearest niched computer enthusiast while companies such as Asus have been able to assemble something with a more universal appeal. While it’s the very last monitor mentioned in the Best 27 Inch Monitor buying guide, the Asus VN279Q can be just what a user needs to complete multiple tasks fast.

Why We Like It – ASUS VN279Q

The Asus VN279Q is simple, but impactful: Great visuals, slim design, has eye protection features such as being flicker-free, and has built-in speakers. There are integrated technologies such as GamePlus and Splendid Video Intelligence Technology that can also offer things such as video performance optimization.

  • Built-in speakers
  • Full HD
  • Eye protection features
  • Slightly heavy for a 27” monitor


What makes this monitor stand out is that its screen contains an AMVA panel. That panel is what gives the monitor its eye protection features, and is known for providing high contrast ratios and crisp picture quality. In addition to the AMVA panel, the Asus VN279Q also has 6 video modes. With a response time of 5ms, it reaches the slowest response time required to avoid noticeable bouts of lag.


Simple, thin, straightforward, and supports DisplayPort, HDMI, and VGA. However, it’s slightly heavy for a 27 inch monitor as it weighs 16 Lbs., noticeably outweighing other monitors such as the Acer SB270 Bbix 27, Viewsonic VA2759, and the BenQ GL2760H. Another similarity between these four is that the screen is only adjustable through tilting, which can expose a bad viewing angle or two.


It’s beneficial that it has different monitor ports in case one type of connector to a user’s choice of PC isn’t available. It’s a little more expensive for its somewhat modest specifications, though that could be due to the AMVA panel and the integrated technologies such as VividPixel that also contribute to the image quality.

ASUS VN279Q Wrap Up

While there’s nothing too special apart from the integrated technologies, it’s definitely sufficeable. Its specifications are a little average aside from the above average properties of the AMVA panel. Without the enhanced features of a gaming monitor, this casual monitor still gets its job done right.

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