Asus VG32VQ Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Looking for the best curved gaming monitors is tough when you have so many options to choose from. The Asus VG32VQ monitor is a great upgrade to any current computer setup because it provides high-quality graphics with rich colors and no screen tearing. It also has Asus exclusive technology which improves the graphics even more with features like shadow boost. Speaking of options, check out our list of some of the best computer monitors around.

Why We Like It – Asus VG32VQ

The 31.5” inch curved display will bring you an immersive experience while enjoying your content. It has a quick refresh rate and response time that give you a competitive advantage even with the most heavily detailed graphics. This monitor is fit for the marathon type of consumer by minimizing eye fatigue. You can even adjust HDR modes to fit different viewing scenarios.

  • Eliminates ghosting with ELMB sync technology
  • The curved display provides a good viewing angle
  • No USB ports


The curved monitor has a curvature of 1800r which means that it has a radius of 1800 millimeters. The refresh rate of 144hz helps you enjoy today’s latest games with no lag. You can go a step further and use the HDR10 features for a wider range of dynamic colors. Asus specifically added more features like shadow boost, which illuminates dark areas in a game for better viewing angles. If you would like to find more monitors with high refresh rates you may also want to check out the BenQ EX3203R.

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Viewing angle

The Asus TUF gaming VG32VQ 32” inch display has a capped resolution of 2560×1440. It uses an LED panel type of screen which is reliable in the long run. This monitor has an impressive contrast ratio of 3000:1. Expect to see no motion blur thanks to the freesync technology. If you would prefer to find a monitor with a larger display, you may want to check out the Asus PG348Q.

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This monitor is up for the durability test, although it may not put up the best fight against significant physical abuse, so if you want it to last the longest amount of time, you should treat it with care. Your purchase will come with a limited warranty in case of defects of any sort.


The Asus monitor has a couple of HDMI ports to connect your consoles and a single DisplayPort. Unfortunately, there are no USB ports included in this monitor, which is a bummer since even one USB port can give you the chance to charge your phone while you game.


This monitor may be a significant investment, but it is worth the extra coin to have the best visuals available for your content. The adaptive sync capabilities may give you a lead in many of your favorite video games. With this monitor, you can spend less time worrying about choppy graphics and more time enjoying the vivid experience as it was engineered to be. With this device, you are free to run marathons without worrying as much about feeling fatigued. If you are not sold by now, maybe a better choice for you is the Alienware aw3418dw.

Asus VG32VQ Wrap Up

The Asus VG32VQ monitor is a great addition for any setup because its adaptive sync and motion blur reduction brings out the smoothest graphics. With a 1ms response time and a 144hz refresh rate, you will be ready to win your next match and keep the marathon going thanks to the eye care settings.

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