ASUS VG279Q Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
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Any serious gamer should consider the Asus VG279Q  as their display. With capabilities such as a 144Hz refresh rate, this IPS monitor ensures great motion handling and makes it one of the best gaming monitors for the PS4. Viewing angles are as wide as 178 degrees and easily adjustable thanks to its simple stand. Besides its 1080p Full HD display, the monitor also spots two 2-watt built-in speakers, a headphone jack, and a VESA mounting interface. If you need a slightly smaller monitor, take a look at our AOC E1649FWU review instead. Or take a look at our review of the best computer monitors.

Why We Like It – ASUS VG279Q

Built for intensive gamers, the 27-inch ASUS VG279Q offers AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate screen tearing, Extreme Low Motion Blur Technology to sharpen objects in motion, and a 144Hz refresh rate that allows for fast-moving visuals. These features plus a whole lot more make it one of the best competitively priced gaming monitors in the market.

  • Excellent 1ms response time for smooth gameplay
  • GameFast Input Lag minimizes input lag
  • Fully adjustable (Tilt, swivel, pivot & height adjustable)
  • Needs more USB ports
  • Limited dark room visibility due to low contrast ratio


The Asus VG279Q is built to impress, with a 100,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and Adaptive-Sync technology for matching the monitor’s frame rate with that of a compatible AMD graphics card. The VG279Q also offers a respectable peak brightness at 400 nits, and an input lag of 7s that places it way ahead of other Asus gaming monitors. Also worthy of mention is its 1ms response time which makes game-play super smooth with zero noticeable lag. For gamers that prefer a resolution higher than this Asus’s 1080p, the LG 27UK650-W might be a better option as it offers a 4K display. It’s much higher than the Asus VG27AQL1A. These are all great specs that can compete with the best photography monitor as well if you’d use this monitor for photography alongside gaming.

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The VG279Q also levels up in terms of design, with an ergonomic display that can have both its height and tilt adjusted, or its orientation switched between portrait and landscape. While slightly larger than the ASUS VG245H, the monitor’s thin borders also allow for a multi-screen setup, and its arm stand allows for easier cable management through one hole. The monitor comes in black and is of plastic build, but this doesn’t compromise the build quality in any way, similar to the Asus XG27AQM. Its dimensions are 24.3 x 14.3’’ and detached from its stand, the gaming monitor maintains a thin profile making it great for wall mounting.


If there’s one thing you should get from this Asus VG279Q review, it’s that the IPS panel LCD display has a lot to offer to both professional and hobbyist gamers. For those that think its pricing might be a bit steep, the Acer R240HY may prove to be a more budget-friendly alternative. As much as the monitor is built for gaming, it can also be substituted for media creation, and office use. The only caveat would be to try and avoid placing it in a dark room because it has a low contrast ratio.

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ASUS VG279Q Wrap Up

The ASUS VG279Q gaming monitor delivers what you’d expect and a lot more as a gaming monitor. It’s priced at around $300, and its advanced gaming features make it suitable for marathon gaming sessions. Its wide viewing angles also allow for easy screen sharing. If it doesn’t check all your boxes though, maybe one of the gaming monitors here may be the one you’re looking for. Otherwise, it’s a great option for a career gamer or anyone who’s just looking for a great monitor altogether.

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