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ASUS Vertical Monitor VN279QL Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
92 Expert Rating

When it comes to low-end monitors, most people look to third-party developers for the best prices. ASUS easily blows the competition out of the water with the VN279QL. Coming at a fair $299, this monitor comes with narrow bezels, a fantastic port selection, and ultra-wide viewing angles, making this a great entry in our list for best vertical monitors and best computer monitors. Even with confusing settings and some dead pixels, this is still a fantastic monitor.

Why We Like It – ASUS Vertical Monitor VN279QL

The ASUS Vertical Monitor VN279QL offers a full HD picture for a price that won’t break the bank. Highly adjustable, this monitor can help in various situations.

  • Narrow bezels
  • Fantastic port selection
  • Ultra-wide viewing angles
  • Some settings harm picture rather than help it
  • Prone to have dead pixels


Out of the box, the ASUS VN279QL comes with several features to help maximize the picture to the best of its ability. Programs such as the Mobile High-Definition Link help create a more seamless connection between monitors should you have a multi-monitor setup. However some settings on the monitor do more harm than good, features such as the VividPixel tech make the image more blurry. Should this be a problem the BenQ PD2700Q offers a clear picture no matter what settings you use.

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Viewing Angle

With a wide viewing angle of 178* finding the perfect spot with the ASUS VN279QL is as simple as looking at the screen. With the included stand versatility is easy, being able to adjust the tilt, pivot, swivel and height is something that many take for granted, a feature the VN279QL and the Dell UltraSharp U2515H have in common. Having full control of the position of your monitor, even when vertical, puts the ASUS VN279QL leagues above the rest.


For a monitor priced like the ASUS VN279QL, it’s tougher than it initially lets on. Largely in part thanks to the stand’s texture. Also on the bezels of the screen, this small detail leads the ASUS VN279QL to be virtually scratch-free, a claim that other monitors such as the Samsung Business SR650 can barely make.

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The ASUS VN279QL comes equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and a Kensington security slot. This comes as a surprise, as many monitors at this price range, especially third-party monitors, only feature modern or old connections, it’s a rarity to have them both featured, which just highlights the ASUS VN279QL even more.


For what it’s asking, the ASUS VN279QL more than delivers on its promise to deliver a great picture, features such as VESA support and scratch-resistant textures ensure longevity and quality, ensuring that the ASUS VN279QL stays with you long after the initial purchase.

ASUS Vertical Monitor VN279QL Wrap Up

ASUS wanted to create a monitor to compete with third-party ones, and for the most part, they succeeded. The ASUS VN279QL is a reliable LCD monitor that comes equipped with a great port selection, small bezels, and ultra-wide viewing angles. Although marred by dead pixel issues and obtuse settings, the VN279QL is a fantastic monitor that deserves the attention of any consumer.

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