Asus has officially launched its new Strix Wireless 7.1 gaming headset, and it’s…very Asus-ish. It’s also very impressive. Behind that Asus hardkore edgy design (complete with plenty of actual edges) there’s a powerful and amazingly affordable headset that could wind up on our best wireless gaming headset of 2018 list…at least, if it’s all that it claims to be.

That 7.1 stands, of course, for 7.1 surround sound, which we always like to see on a gaming headset – it makes a big difference for environmental noise and scouting. Apparently the headset has 10 different drivers for top-line sound, as well as gaming flourishes like customizable lighting effects and real protein leather cushioning. The battery lasts around 10 hours, nothing amazing but nothing to complain about, either.

Strix 7-1 Audio Controller
That audio controller looks odd, but it’s packed with features.

There are two things that really make this gaming headset stand out apart from those specs. The first is the USB audio station, where all the audio customization options are kept (in addition to the wireless capabilities). The center dial that you see can be turned to a variety of modes for lighting, mic communication, and different gaming environments – chatting, shooting, racing, etc.. The buttons allow you to switch between audio outputs, from surround sound to an amp or mic, to your regular speakers. The bottom dial, meanwhile, appears to change the audio effects more directly. The Strix will also include some environmental noise cancellation, which may explain a few of those odder symbols. We’ll know more when we get our hands on one!

The second impressive thing is the price. As far as we can tell – and this includes information on the official Asus site – the headset is currently selling for $200. When you combine the customization features, the wireless audio, and the surround sound, that’s a surprisingly low price: It makes us wonder if this Strix is going to be a sleeper hit for gamers this holiday season.

Currently, the launch is confined to Singapore but the Strix is expected to hit shelves around the world in the coming weeks. Then we’ll see if that low price gets an update for the NA market…hopefully not, but we can’t be sure just yet.

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