Assassin’s Creed Game For The iPhone Out Next Week


While we all knew Assassin’s Creed for the consoles looked stellar, the lack of depth kept it from being a quality title.  To be released next week for the iPhone/Touch, I think that the reviews won’t be as critical this time around given the lack of hype.  Looking very streamlined, Assassin’s Creed is a direct prequel to the original and places Altair in the year 1191 AD in search of a special chalice that will end the crusades.  I am interested to see how the gameplay mechanics work and hope that it’s not just another name recognition cash in like Metal Gear Solid Touch was.  Aiming to mix stealth, action, and puzzle solving elements, Assassin’s creed will also have animated cutscenes and mini games.  I will admit that these screenshots do look impressive, but as we all know it will take more than that to satisfy today’s fickle gamer.  Made by mobile games behemoth GameLoft no price has been set as of yet.


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