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Asokee Turns Your GoPro Into A DSLR Camera

Asokee Turns Your GoPro Into A DSLR Camera
Upgrade your GoPro.

Looking for the best vlogging cameras under 300? Read on. The Asokee case comes in black or white colors and will fit the Hero 5, 6 and 7. The case itself seems pretty durable since it is made from 6061 aluminum and ABS plastic. The camera and a mic adapter of your own choice go into the two case halves and then you attach them together with a screw, sealing the case up.

The concept was created with both vloggers and travelers in mind. Sure, it’s great having your GoPro with you for your action shots, but there are times when you just want a proper point and shoot camera with you as well. Like when vlogging. With the case attached, you can still view the GoPro’s LCD screen, and use the functions with a button on the side. A simple button on top starts and stops your recording as well.

There’s also an easy access slot to charge it up and download your photos and videos. Plus there’s a 1/4 thread shoe mount for attachments and a mic plug, power cord, memory, and a 52-mm lens filter thread, slots for a shoulder strap. The whole thing weighs about 5 ounces.

This new shell gives your old GoPro an entirely new feel when using it. If you are interested in giving your Hero an upgrade, the Asokee case is currently available on Kickstarter, starting for about $36. This is definitely an interesting way to teach your old action cam some cool new tricks.

Many people consider the GoPro Hero to be one of the best compact video cameras around,  but the form factor is not the same as using the best DSLR camera. Or even a point-and-shoot camera. Well, that is about to change thanks to Overlab and its Asokee case. That’s because Asokee turns your GoPro into a DSLR camera using the Asokee case, which wraps around your GoPro.

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