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In every home, a central table is necessary to handle everyday items such as: keys, letters, important documents. You need something with at least two shelves but, more importantly, an accent table with pull-out drawers. In this case, Ashley Homestore offers the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Accent Table as the best accent table for the job.

Why We Like It – Ashley Furniture Signature Design

Fitted with two large pull-out drawers and two shelves, this accent table fits perfectly near your home entrance where it will handle the day-to-day activities such as an area for keys and important papers.

  • Available in two designs
  • Ideal in hallways, dining room, living room
  • Two large pull-out drawers
  • Only available in warm brown


Being a central table for day-to-day activities is what the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Accent Table will do best. There’s enough tabletop space to hold items without going overboard to the point where you’re tempted to clutter the space. With a Monarch Specialties I 2445, clutter is inevitable. This is most evident by the two pull-out drawers, which are essential in any home for placing important documents or hiding non-decorative items. It’s made of strong acacia wood, so placing heavy vases and decorations will not be a problem whatsoever.


The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Accent Table has a very straightforward design: four legs, two shelves, and two pull-out drawers. The legs themselves don’t curve—they stand straight up and down. There is an alternative design which moves the drawers to the top, but otherwise very similar. While the warm brown is pleasing to the eyes, it’s the only finish available—so, finding a room set to match will be difficult, unlike the 13 finishes Decor Therapy FR1566 has. Due to the design and dimensions, 13 x 32.25 x 29.25 inches, this accent table is best placed in hallways, perhaps a dining room or living room.


Is the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Accent Table worth considering or, more importantly, buying? It depends on your needs. This table isn’t like a WE Furniture AZF18MWSTRO Table that you set next to your couch; it doesn’t go in your bedroom either. Its purpose is to provide a combination of decorative space—seen by the two shelves—in addition to storage space. It’s a nice alternative to the Monarch Specialties I 2445 if you do not have the space to accommodate a long end table but still want what it offers.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Wrap Up

Aside from having one finish, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Accent Table deserves a home that its warm brown coloring will compliment, either design. And when one home does, they will get an accent table that has two relatively spacious shelves and two pull-out drawers for additional space—an ideal companion for hallways, living rooms, or dining rooms.

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