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Artlii Pico Projector Review

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The highly-portable design of the Artlii Pico Projector makes it one of the best iPhone projectors we’ve seen. With its quality design and a multitude of connection options, the Pico Projector makes viewing your favorite movies and photos anywhere easy as pie. While it requires a separate battery bank for extended outdoor use and has a low native resolution, it displays quality images and is a great video projector for indoor family movie night.

Why We Like It – Artlii Pico Projector

The Artlii Pico Projector is one of the most portable projectors on the current market, easily fitting in your pocket or travel bag. With the ability to connect to a variety of devices, including your mobile phone, this mini projector is easy to take and set up anywhere, and great for families and kids. It may just be one of the top pico projectors.

  • Ultra-portable
  • Many compatible devices
  • Eco-friendly design
  • No internal battery
  • Native resolution only 240p
  • Smartphone connection requires adapter


Similar to the YG mini portable LED meer pico, the Artlii Pico Projector delivers quality performance in a minuscule package. Though it only possesses a native resolution of 240p, it supports up to 1080p with an LED bulb, which requires less cooling, making the device emit a quiet 21dB of noise. The projector displays images with a contrast ratio of 800:1 on a maximum screen size of 60”, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. The built-in speakers are nothing special, according to customer reviews on Amazon.com, but headphones or external speakers can be easily used instead. However, the GooDee Mini Projector offers similar performance with higher quality speakers, all in the same portable size. If you are a gaming person, try the BenQ TH671ST, which provides a smooth gaming experience


The Artlii Pico Projector can output a decent maximum brightness for its pocket size. Though at only 600 lumens, the user must ensure it is only used in nighttime or other dark settings, as too much ambient light will easily overcome the projector’s abilities. For higher lumens in a mini projector, our top pick is the QKK Mini Projector which offers 5,500 lumens in a larger case.

Adjustability/Viewing Angle

While the Artlii Pico Projector may be small, its display screen is not, offering between 24” and 60” of screen size when set between 0.8 and 2 meters from the display surface. If a 60” display just isn’t enough, the TOPVISION Mini Projector is one of our favorites, and offers a maximum screen size of 200”. The Pico Projector also sports a focusing ring on the side to produce optimal display quality. The viewing angle and power levels cannot be adjusted due to its small size.


The Artlii Pico Projector is made from environmental ABS material, making the case sufficiently durable for travel and outdoor use. The LED bulb has an average lifetime of 30,000 hours, making it quite durable for the projector’s size. It also comes with a 1-month money-back policy and a 1-year factory warranty. With such a propensity for traveling, the Artlii Pico Projector delivers the necessary level of design durability.


Sporting HDMI, USB, and other connections, along with quality performance wrapped up in a durable, portable case, the Artlii Pico Projector is an excellent value, which is good because it will require a battery bank to be useful in outdoor environments, and it requires a separate adapter to connect to your smartphone. Regardless, the ability to fit in your pocket and still provide quality images alone is enough to make this mini projector a good value with its low price tag.

Artlii Pico Projector Wrap Up

While the Artlii Pico Projector may have a few drawbacks in the lack of an internal battery and low native resolution, it still provides quality pictures and loves the outdoors as much as you do. So long as you’re viewing in a dark or dim environment, this mini projector will make a welcome addition to family movie night, no matter where it is.

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