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If you’re looking for the best artificial plants for small spaces you’ll absolutely adore these succulent plants by LuckyGreenery. These artificial plants come in their own little pots so all you have to do is figure out where to put them. They are a bit on the small size, but that’s ok because their small stature means they can be used in many places where other plants simply won’t fit.

Why We Like It – Artificial Succulent Realistic Decoration

These artificial succulents are pint-sized and perfect for any small place that could benefit from some decorative plants. Since they don’t require any sunlight or water the possibilities are endless!

  • Includes 3 Faux Succulents
  • Non-toxic
  • Free Shipping
  • Plants Are Very Small
  • “Dirt” Has A Shine To It


Even though they are small these artificial plants look extremely realistic. The attention to detail on these means that they will fool most people into believing they are real plants, although (true to the plants they are imitations of) they are lacking in color variety.
Butterfly Craze Artificial Lavender Artificial Plants is a great alternative if you’re looking for an indoor plant with a bit more color. Our only complaint is that the “dirt” may appear shiny, but this isn’t likely to be a serious issue.


Unlike the Nearly Natural 6ft Ficus Artificial Plant, these plants are quite short. The tallest is the Aloe(4.75″ tall), followed by the Echeveria laui (4″ tall), with the Haworthia coarctata f. greenii. being the shortest at only 3.5 inches tall. Each artificial succulent is a “one-piece” design, meaning that the fake succulent is attached to the “dirt” which is attached to the plastic pot. However, if you do decide to transplant these, as long as you have a pair of scissors (and perhaps a pair of wire cutters) lying around, it is possible.


Normally this set of artificial succulents is priced at about $12, although you can periodically find them on sale. Assuming the normal pricing, these plants come out to $4 apiece, which is decent. You definitely could find bigger artificial plants for around the same price, but these offer free shipping to even out the difference. Although replanting them may present an issue, these plants do come with “dirt” and their own pot, which is a plus because they arrive ready to use. Another cheap option is the ElaDeco Artificial Plant Boxwood Stems (they can even be used outside!).

Artificial Succulent Realistic Decoration Wrap Up

These artificial-yet-realistic succulents by LuckyGreenery are a decent purchase if you’re looking to add life to your office or home space. The pot that they come in is quite cheap-looking, and they are pretty small, but nonetheless they can be an excellent (and cheap) addition to any space for a minimal amount of effort.

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