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Among the best features for the best FPV racing drones are operational range and speed. The Arris C250 V2, if customer reviews are to be believed, possess this speed. The operational range is a good distance away too which should make for a fun race. Just make sure to check local drone laws in your area.

Why We Like It – Arris C250 V2

The Arris C250 V2 is an excellent entry-level or mid-level drone capable of sustained flight time and is accident-resistant thanks to the durable carbon fiber material it’s constructed from. And if you really want an incredible experience, pair it with a pair of FPV goggles!

  • Positive Comments About Speed
  • 900 Meter Operational Range
  • RadioLink AT9
  • Direct Spec on Speed Not Given
  • Horrible Camera


Many customer reviews comment on the fact that the drone is fast, and we appreciate that, but there are no direct specs as to how fast the FPV Racing Drone RTF can go. When it comes to FPV Racing Drones this information would seem rather critical to include. It’s not the fastest racing quadcopter, but at least the Walkera F120 has direct specs.


The maximum flight time on the Arris X Speed C250 V2 Drone is about 10 minutes. It’s a respectable amount of flight time, even if it is a little on the low side. Unfortunately, no charge time is given for when the battery does run out. The operational range, however, is listed at 900 meters, which is pretty impressive for a racing drone.


The drone comes constructed with high quality fiberglass and carbon fiber composite in an H-style frame. In other words, it’s built to take damage without breaking if the user accidentally crashes the drone. The drone also weighs a good five pounds making it pretty chunky and durable against the wind. If you want something lighter, try the ImmersionRC Vortex 180.

Camera Features

The FPV camera on the stone isn’t spectacular, to be quite honest with you. It sports a Foxeer XAT700M FPV camera with 1000 TVL. But in terms of resolution, you’re only getting 480P. Try the Holy Stone HS200 for a better camera. While you may be thinking that a high quality camera isn’t necessary because it’s a racing drone, remember that you still need to see where you’re going, clearly, through video transmission.


While the drone does support FPV goggles, this model doesn’t come with them included. The flight controller features Radiolink AT9 technology for a stronger connection when the drone is far away, and the brushless motors just add to the drone’s power. It’s a moderately priced drone that’s good for beginners or even veterans who want something cheaper to practice their piloting with.

Arris C250 V2 Wrap Up

The theme of the Arris C250 V2 seems to be a lack of information. The information that is given is good, save for the camera, but it lacks a crucial piece, and that’s speed. How am I supposed to win a race if I don’t know how fast I can go? But if you’re an advanced flier that just wants something to practice on, the C250 V2 should be able to make you happy.

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