Ariel Rider eBike Review

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Updated January 30, 2023
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92 Expert Rating

Similar to the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic, the Ariel Rider Ebike comes in a compact and lightweight form factor, weighing just 47 pounds, while still boasting an ultra-powerful mid-drive motor that can accommodate heavy riders and heavy loads of cargo. So, is this the best electric bike for cargo? This electric bike comes equipped with a sturdy rear rack and a front-facing basket, making it ideal for hauling. Due to the bike’s sturdy build, the Rider is one of the best ebikes for heavy riders.

Why We Like It – Ariel Rider eBike

A compact and lightweight design, the Ariel Rider Ebike weighs only 47 lbs but can still accommodate a heavy load, with high cargo capacity and a powerful mid-drive motor that boasts enough torque for excellent acceleration and climbing. And if you are looking for a bike for offroad adventures, you can read our Addmotor motan review.

  • High cargo capacity
  • Powerful and stable mid-drive motor
  • Reliable hydraulic disc brakes
  • Integrated display is bare bones

Durability & Build Quality

Though this e bike does contain an integrated display, many found it to be rather bare bones, offering only the slimmest of data points. This display can also not be removed while parked, which could make it attractive to would-be thieves.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

The throttle is only active in assist level zero, so you won’t accidentally zip off when the bike starts up in level three. The pedal assist sensor is pretty smart here, so it won’t zip off if you put pressure on the pedal but aren’t moving the crank arms. For longer distances, you should also consider the bike discussed in the Ariel rider C-Class commuter bike review.

Range & Battery

The C Class electric bikes have a sleek 48 volt 11.6 amp hour lithium-ion battery pack that slides mounts to the downtube. The battery has an estimated max range of 75 miles per charge which is rather impressive compared to other bikes like the Muller E Bike. In case you want a bike for hill-climbing, you need to read this Bafang BBS02 mid drive review.

Safety features

Those who tried it loved the reliable Tektro hydraulic disc brakes and the 625Wh battery, which can go up to 75 miles on a single charge. Do note that if you opt for the front basket and move the LED headlight onto the little tab there, it will no longer point where you steer. Ariel Rider Ebikes has opted for a frame-mounted basket to separate the weight of the front cargo from steering. Overall the brake performance was the stand out, bringing the bike to a smooth stop from max speed.


While a great bike in many ways from the hydraulic brakes to the hub motor and up to the seat post, it all screams quality other than the integrated screen making this a good choice as an electric commuter bike over a bike like the Addmotor Motan.

Ariel Rider Ebike Wrap Up

While similar to the W Class bike Ariel Rider still gave plenty of new features to make the C-Class perfect for many electric bike riders leaving only the complaint of the low tec display and one person who didn’t get a rear wheel as part of their delivery.

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