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The Ariel Rider C-Class Commuter Bike is a mid sized electric utility bike with classic cruiser styling. Two curving mud guards run in parallel all the way from the back of the rear rack to the front of the bamboo platform and headlight mount. With three sections of tubing to reinforce the mid section of the bike, frame flex is minimized while allowing for lower standover height. The step-thru frame is approachable and surprisingly capable, but that shouldn’t really be a surprise for the best mid drive electric bike.

Why We Like It – Ariel Rider C-Class Commuter Bike

The Ariel Rider C-Class Commuter Bike is a beautifully styled cruiser-inspired cargo electric bike with integrated lights, reflective tires, comfort grips and saddle, and a stable double-leg kickstand for loading, can handle 400+ lbs of combined rider and cargo weight.

  • Front and aft rack to carry more
  • Integrated lights
  • One years warranty
  • Heavy

Durability & Build Quality

Torque sensing pedal assist is smooth and natural, twist-throttle on demand makes starting easier, walk mode is useful for moving the 66lb bike across grass or crowded areas, especially when loaded with gear. Swept back handlebar with adjustable riser stem provides a range of fits, frame only comes in one size but the step-thru design is very approachable, some frame flex because the battery and weight are both in the rear, smaller 26″ diameter wheels keep the bike close to the ground and the larger tires provide stability. The Ariel Rider C Class has an internal gear giving it protection from minor elements and your clothes protection from it. The seat post leaves the rider in an upright relaxed posture perfect for taking hold of the handels coming from the adjustable stem, the stem making the bike perfect for taller and shorter people.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Powerful 500-900 watt geared hub motor from Dapu paired with a 48 volt LG battery pack offers zippy acceleration, adjustable top speed can be lowered to 20 miles per hour or raised up to 28 mph for Class 3 performance. Many electric bikes like the Trek Verve+ have similar mid drive motors but the C Class Electric Commuter Bike has a Dapu M155 letting it go up to 28 mph while many others struggle to pass 20.

Range & Battery

Ariel Rider C-Class has a standard battery pack of 48V 12ah capacity. It isn’t a big battery pack compared to other e-bikes such as the Cube compact electric bike, we have to keep in mind that it has a mid-drive motor. Mid-drive motors are famous for being efficient. Bosch has two battery packs 400wh and 500wh. The Ariel Rider comes with a 576wh battery pack which is around 15% larger than the biggest Bosch battery.

Safety features

The suspension seat post keeps anyone from feel to much if they drop from a curb to the streat and paired with the Shimano Nexus 8 Speed disc brakes the C Class e bikes can stop just as quick, when you add in the cut engin function it makes this a safe and stylish option over a bike like the Bulls Ebikes.


There aren’t many options for bikes with both a back and front rack alongside the front and rear lights, and with the speed and capabilities of the bike it’s hard to deny its value as some bikes offer half as much asking for twice the price.

Ariel Rider C-Class Commuter Bike Wrap Up

All for all it’s heavy for sure but the Ariel Rider C-Class offers a wide range of benefits for little though if compared to a normal bike it seems like a high price but the motor means the speed can be maintained longer with less work for the rider.

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