Are Mechanical Keyboards Better for Programming?

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Updated June 27, 2022

When it comes to finding the best keyboard for programming, you can’t go wrong with mechanical keyboard picks. This is excellent news if you’ve been asking yourself, “Are mechanical keyboards better for programming?” In the article below, we’ll explain why they are the best choice for coding.


  • There are several reasons why mechanical keyboards are considered great options for long coding sessions.
  • Compact keyboards tend to be a better option for coding keyboards since you can type faster.
  • Everything comes down to personal preference, so you should be open to trying a different switch type or two.

What is the Best Programming Keyboard?

While you might use a standard keyboard for day-to-day usage, programmers have special requirements. Typing for long hours can result in tired fingers, and full-size keyboards will worsen the problem. Because of this, they look for a comfortable design that caters to professional needs. While features like wireless connectivity also make the cut when looking at a keyboard for coding, comfort is the main factor.

If you’re looking into different types of keyboards, check out the comparison between brass vs. aluminum plate keyboards.

Why Mechanical Keyboards are the Best

Besides comfort, other features are also important. You’ll want a compact design, and wireless keyboards are also a favorite among techies. Gaming keyboard picks make the list of favorite keyboards, as well.

Insider Tip

Using wireless keyboards can free up room on your desk because they don’t use wires to connect to your computer.

The brand is another determining factor. Looking into this Razer Huntsman vs Blackwidow comparison will help you begin to figure out what keyboard will suit you best.

Improved Typing Speed

Because of their usage of mechanical switches, these keyboards are great for improving your regular typing speed. This allows you to be more precise in your typing and improve your accuracy. This also allows for silent typing, depending on the type of switch you choose.

Comfortable Typing Experience

If you choose a keyboard with linear switches, you’ll have a consistent, rattle-free typing experience for extended coding sessions. Because of their low tactile feedback, they are a great keyboard for programmers.

Of course, there are tons of other options out there for you to peruse. For example, try comparing the butterfly keyboard vs the magic keyboard.

Low Tactile Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches make a huge difference, especially when compared to rubber dome keyboards. This is why they are a popular keyboard for programmers. These switches do not require as much force when you’re typing.


If you’re looking for a silent keyboard, avoid clicky switches that make a lot of noise while typing.


Are gaming keyboards good for programming?

Yes, a gaming keyboard can be a fantastic keyboard for programming. This is because they are primarily ergonomic keyboards that are comfortable to use for long periods of time.

What makes a good programming keyboard?

A good keyboard for programming should have a wide variety of traits:

  • Low tactile feedback
  • Clicky switches
  • Ergonomic designs
  • Keyboard with RGB backlighting

What should I consider when buying a membrane keyboard?

You should understand that a membrane keyboard will feel vastly different from a regular keyboard. This is because a membrane keyboard has connected keys. Depending on the design, a laptop keyboard might be considered a membrane keyboard.

Are mechanical keyboards better for carpal tunnel?

Because of their consistent, rattle-free typing experience, most people say their carpal tunnel improved when using a mechanical keyboard.

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