Arccos Uses Your iPhone To Overhaul Your Golf Game

Golf is a game of constant analysis, study, and collecting data. Golfers are constantly analyzing their swing, making minute adjustments, switching clubs, and generally trying to do a little better with every shot. Anything that aids that process can give you the edge, and that’s the ultimate goal for Arccos, a set of sensors and an app that collects every last bit of data about your golf game.

Swing And Connect

All you need to do to start improving your golf game is screw the sensors that Arccos ships with to the top of your club. Don’t worry about the sensors messing up your game; they’re designed to be so light that they’ll make absolutely no impact on your swing. Then you pair each one to your iPhone, and go play a round or two. Really. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Everything else is completely automated, so you can just go ahead and play.

Chip Shot


All the data updates to the app in real time, so you can just pull out your iPhone at any time in the course of the game and look at how you’re doing. Your swing, its direction, where your ball ended up, all of it is right there for you to analyze and to attempt to do better. It’ll even overlay all of that data over a satellite image of the course so you can get a better sense of how you do over time on each course you play.

Just as usefully, it breaks down the data by club, so you know where you can improve and where you might be able to overhaul your game to get some better results. Or, you know, just stop using certain clubs altogether. That might be a viable strategy, if you’re as bad as we are.

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