Aptoyu 8” LED Selfie Ring Light Review

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Updated July 18, 2022
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This LED ring light comes with a tripod stand and a cell phone holder, which makes it easy to take pictures, take selfies, and record live videos. This is definitely the best selfie light for beginners and also a great tool for a first YouTube video on makeup. It has three color temperature settings and a dimmable led ring light for easy adjustment.

Why We Like It – Aptoyu 8 LED Selfie Ring Light Review

The Aptoyu Selfie Ring Light features 80 LED bulbs that provide plenty of illumination for live streaming, making videos, and taking selfies. It comes with an adjustable tripod stand, and a wireless remote shutter, and uses a USB cord for power. The selfie light offers three light modes and has adjustable brightness as well. This is one of the best digital camera accessories.

  • 80 LED lamps with three color modes
  • 10 levels of brightness adjustment
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • Tripod stand doesn’t have locks


The Selfie ring LED light from Aptoyu comes with 80 led bulbs with three color temperature settings. You can choose between warm white, warm yellow, and white lighting. Each setting has 10 levels of brightness adjustments that make your photos look professional and well-detailed. The power button, mode option, and the brightness controller are all available on the USB wired cable. The tripod is extendable from 17.5 to 51-inches and easily locks in place. If you’re looking for something similar, the UBeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light is a great alternative and has similar features. For just a tripod, check out the Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom.

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The light ring has a round design as most ring lights do, and comes with an adjustable mount that lets you move the ring to various positions. The tripod mount is available with the package along with the 3-step adjustable tripod that can be extended up to 51-inches in height. The tripod stand cell phone holder can be used with the ring light to record videos, and even live stream. The white warm color temperature is the best for shooting selfies and recording makeup YouTube videos. Want something portable? Try the Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light which has 36 LED lights, and a shape that fits around the phone camera.


This video dimmable beauty ring light is great value for money as it can be used for several purposes and also as a selfie stick. The tripod doubles as a selfie stick and can be used with action cameras as well. With features such as three color temperature modes, 10 levels of brightness setting, USB power, and the easy-to-use tripod, make this a great buy. It is especially useful for those making YouTube videos on makeup as dimmable beauty light is important. The GLOUE Selfie Light is a good alternative with a compact clip-on design.

Aptoyu 8 LED Selfie Ring Light Review Wrap Up

The Aptoyu 8” LED Selfie Ring Light is a good buy for those looking for a feature-packed selfie light for making YouTube videos, taking selfies, live streaming, and for night makeup. Although the adjustable tripod stand lacks proper latch-type locks, the selfie ring light does offer 80 led lamps with three color modes, and 10 levels of brightness adjustment.

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