Apple’s Rumored Gaming Monitor: Integrated GPU and 5K Resolution?

After you read about Apple’s gaming monitors learn about Mistakes to Avoid when buying. Great news for you Apple and entertainment fans out there: Apple still appears to be working on a massively updated monitor with its own integrated GPU and 5k resolution.

Before we get too excited, let’s slow down a little and look at what the rumors have to say. Following on reports that the Thunderbolt display project is officially dead (or perhaps never really existed), sources told BuzzFeed that the newest monitor, as yet unnamed, would have an integrated GPU. Previous rumors had already stated that the display would offer 5k resolution: Resolution is a little tricky on computer monitors and their varying ratios, but trust that 5k is going to be a lot of pixels, more than most ultra HD monitors offer today. Current rumors have the still-vapor-monitor at 5120 x 2800 resolution.

Apple Monitor
Obviously we don’t have a confirmed picture yet, but Apple monitor design has been pretty static so it probably will look like this.

This raises a big question: just what kind of integrated GPU may Apple be planning on? If it’s at all comparable to the GPUs available in some of today’s other integrated gaming monitors, then Apple is suddenly going to be a strong competitor in the gaming market. Apple is already a very common brand name that many more casual consumers will be attracted to: Plus, this move will fill a niche for gamers who want a great system but are still Apple fans and prefer to stick with devices they know while getting their latest dose of Overwatch or the newest WoW update. If this project becomes reality, it won’t only be the best Apple monitor on the market, but also one of the best gaming monitors available.

A few very important questions remain, however. First, while this gaming monitor will probably be announced this year if it really is in the works, we have no idea how much it will cost, which could be a vital point. Second, we’re not sure just how this monitor will be offered. Will it only be an all-in-one iMac option, like we’re used to? Will similar technology be used in a new line of MacBooks? Will Apple offer a standalone monitor? We’re not sure, but these are fun times – we’ll keep you updated when we learn anything else.

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  1. LOL. 4K gaming is becoming the norm, 8k is around the corner.

    But not Apple. Whether it is rejecting USB 3.0 or using child labor….

    They just don’t get it.

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