AppleCare Airpod Replacement

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Updated February 20, 2023

Manufacturers offer some of the best insurance and warranties for their devices. For example, apple offers AppleCare and AppleCare+ for most of their big ticket items, including Airpods. In addition, all AirPods come with the standard AppleCare limited warranty. Or, users can purchase an extended warranty, which allows users to make two accidental damage insurance claims every twelve months and reduces the cost of repairs to a $29 or $59 service fee (depending on which type of AirPods you have). After evaluating the eligibility claim, Apple insurance will repair or replace the Airpods.


  • Apple only replaces AirPods for accidental damages if the device is subscribed to AppleCare+.
  • Apple offers no replacement policy for theft and loss with AirPods.
  • Apple’s limited warranty guarantees they will replace or repair AirPods if any manufacturing defects are discovered, but this only applies up to one year after purchase.

What to Know About AppleCare Airpod Replacement

Electronics warranties aren’t the most straightforward contracts. There are always stipulations, circumstances, and caveats; this is no different from AppleCare+, as it is with a camera lens warranty. Because these contracts are often confusing, it’s a good idea to understand some basic terms involved in contract law, like representations vs warranties.

Insider Tip

Apple recommends cleaning AirPods regularly with isopropyl alcohol to keep the speakers at their peak performance and free of harmful bacteria.

So, what kind of warranties are available for Airpods?

First, it’s crucial to know that AirPods come with the standard AppleCare warranty, guaranteeing to replace, repair, or refund your device/purchase free of charge if any manufacturing defects appear. However, this guarantee is active for one year only. It also does not cover damages from mishandling or accidents.


Users need to purchase APpleCare+ within 60 days of buying their AirPods; otherwise, they are not eligible for coverage.

The next step is AppleCare+, an extended warranty that covers accidental damages. The coverage costs $29 for a two-year warranty for Apple Airpods, AirPods Pro, and Beats, although Apple Beats repair has slightly different guidelines. But, for Apple AirPods Max, it costs $59 for the two-year fixed plan.

Once purchased, AirPods users get to file up to two claims every twelve months, each claim carrying a $29 service fee. These claims can be made for the AirPods themselves or the charging case. Upon filing the claim, Apple will fix or replace your broken device. An added benefit of signing up for AppleCare+ is that it extends the limited warranty for an additional year.

Remember that AppleCare+ does not offer theft and loss coverage for AirPods, so you will have to purchase a replacement headphone or case at full price if lost or stolen.

STAT: Under the limited warranty, all AirPods come with 90 days of complimentary tech support. (source)

Replacing Airpods Without Warranty

You can still purchase replacement Airpods even if you do not have a warranty, but you will have to pay full price. To replace a single Airpod Pro costs $89, and the replacement case costs $99. For Airpods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generations), each replacement costs $69, and the case costs $59 for a regular case and $79 for the MagSafe charging case.

AppleCare Airpod Replacement FAQs

How long does it take Apple to replace an AirPod?

Usually, the replacement process takes between 3-5 days for Apple to ship the new device.

Does Apple allow you to track your AirPods?

Apple does offer a tracking feature, but it works only within a limited range of about 40 feet.

Does Apple offer theft and loss coverage on any devices?

The only type of device that Apple allows theft and loss coverage for is specific iPhone models.
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