What is an Apple Watch Warranty?

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Updated February 15, 2023

If you are new to the world of product insurance plans, you may want to learn about Apple Watch warranties. Like other warranty plans, the Apple Watch ships with a manufacturer’s warranty of one year, though there are multiple options to extend coverage and add to the protections. Apple Watch warranties are similar to an Apple iPhone warranty or those that ship with other Apple products. Keep reading to learn more. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Apple Watches ship with a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts 12 months and covers issues pertaining to the manufacturing process.
  • AppleCare+ plans increase the length of this Apple Watch coverage to three years or so and add theft protection, protection against catastrophic damage, and many other types of damage.
  • There are also third-party extended warranty plans available from companies like Asurion that cover with evidence and offer express replacement services per consumer laws.

What is the Warranty for an Apple Watch?

When you buy a new Apple Watch, you automatically receive a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts for one full year, similar to an average electronics warranty. This warranty only covers manufacturer’s defects, so you would need additional coverage to engage in, say, AppleCare screen replacement. Luckily, you have plenty of extended coverage options, such as Asurion iPhone insurance and AppleCare+.

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Apple Watches are fragile, so having some kind of coverage is strongly recommended, especially if you exercise with the watch.

The various insurance and warranty products on offer for Apple Watches and other smartwatches are robust, just like Apple Beats repair coverage requests. Apple is known for premium coverage options, similar to Kobalt tools warranty offerings. The same is true of many tech giants, so go ahead and look into that Seagate hard drive warranty.

How to Protect Your Apple Watch

The options to protect your Apple Watch can get confusing, so here are some helpful tips.

Pay Attention to the Original Purchase Date

You are going to need the original purchase date, the phone’s serial number, and other relevant information to initiate any repair requests. Additionally, the original purchase date is used to assess what offerings are available to you, as your ability to buy into AppleCare premium products dissipates after 90 days or so (depending on the model.) The manufacturer’s warranty sunsets at 12 months, which is another reason to keep track of the purchase date.

Go for AppleCare+

If you can afford it, adding an AppleCare+ premium plan to your Apple Watch is a good idea. This plan costs around $4 each month and adds coverage for general wear and tear, user error, theft, and more.

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Try Third-Party Insurance

If you can no longer buy into AppleCare+, try third-party insurance or extended warranty options. These offerings are available from companies like Asurion and are similar to what AppleCare+ provides.

Apple Warranty FAQs

Do you have AppleCare+?

AppleCare+ is a great way to protect your Apple Watch edition smartwatch and abide by consumer laws. These plans repair extreme abrasion and other issues, though they may require a service fee and may be void by making unauthorized modifications.

How much will it cost?

AppleCare+ plans cost around $4 each month for smartwatches but will handle pixel anomalies, heart rate sensor window issues, battery original capacity issues, puncture holes, and much more.

How to check if your Apple Watch is still under warranty?

Visit Apple’s website to view coverage options for your Apple Watch edition smartwatch. This way, you will know if the company will cover catastrophic damage to the display glass and other components.
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