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Apple Watch Rumor Echoed By Bloomberg, Says Release This Year

It’s been a few weeks, if not months since rumors of an Apple watched emerged.  Honestly, I try to avoid posting on such things since it’s largely speculation.  Nevertheless, it seems like a somewhat logical evolution when it comes to portability, though color me skeptical when and if it ever comes to me actually buying one.

Adding fuel to the proverbial fire, Bloomberg today published a report saying that the iOS watch is targeted for a 2013 release.  The Verge says that their sources are claiming the same, but unfortunately they don’t have any evidence to back it up.

Supposedly the project is being led by Jonathan Ive, Apple’s lead designer, with up to 100 engineers under him supporting the rumored Apple product.  And despite Apple’s previous iPad Nano sporting a watch like form factor and compatible UI, Apple is apparently working to retool their iOS platform specifically for the watch – makes sense since its screen will be a fraction of the iPhone 5’s.  Moreover, Apple is aiming for a 4-5 day battery life, though according to sources the current prototype is besting at 2-days.

It’s more than likely that the Apple Watch will play a supporting role to the iPhone and not include an integrated SIM chip into its body. Features would likely include email, text, and call notification, as well as a proximity sensor that notifies you when your phone is out of range.  It’s not clear how the iPhone and Apple Watch would connect, but Bluetooth is a more than likely assumption.

I still believe that an Apple watch is a wildly speculative product, and that an Apple TV, which has long been rumored, is more likely.

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  1. Who will wear a iWatch? Our cellphones are fragile enough and victims of bulky plastic covers only to keep with the every day life… I can’t see myself wearing a Kevlar box as watch!!

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